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Wrongful death

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Location: Anchorage  |  Law type: wrongful death attorneys

I was at East High School in 1991 during AP Psychology I was told to leave the classroom or Ali (looked like Trajan Langdon) would cut off a head.  Someone that sounded like my father said 'stay here'. So I stayed in the class. The teacher taught one day and Ali said 'I want him to read', so the teacher stopped teaching. And we discussed other things. They just introduced competition they called it. I was the first in the first day and told where to sit. When I sat there he said you're the king. I tried to move, and he said stay there and I sat back down. The rest of the class came in. The she sat in front of me and pulled down her pants/skirt to show she was wearing g-sting. The next day she sat down behind me and held a knife to my neck, when she stood up to leave she said I'll still have sex with you to a man that walked in and they left together. Time passed and Terra Patrick came in said You annoy me and Ali said but you like being looked at the club. She left Jessica Simpson and boyfriend and crew were not allowed in. I held Jessica Simpsons hand all the way to Chemistry. Donna Shantz was not allowed in either, she was described by the teachers as average and you don't want to have sex with her she's sick. Someone was taking notes during class but when she left Debra Kern "I need to see those" she took the notes "I need to know what my child is getting into." Veronica Zemavanova showed up one day and the teacher said she doesn't speak much English, she stood there, class was dismissed and walking down the hall she said grab my chest, I grabbed her boob and it scrunched, breast implants. Principal walked behind her and I said she asked me to do it. She showed up at my house we were alone then she left. Time passed and someone showed at the door and showed a curved sword then left. Time passed a teenage girl showed up in the back of the classroom pointed out by the teacher and after class we were leaving she shouted Cut his head off and two people were brought into view and one looked like my father and a teenager was with him. Over the intercom someone announced heads down and everyone bowed not one person was left not bowing so I followed and a woman walked up behind me said call the police another woman ran to the office and called the police. The woman beside me started saying he's raising his sword and he's something along the lines of he's chopping his head off. Ali said It should have come off the first time and he continued chopping at it. The woman beside me said he's raising his head by the ear. The next thing I hear is a thump. And I then believe his head was cut off and I get is anyone going to challenge me or stop me and the teenage boy said I will and I heard a snap and someone that looked like Steve Langdon said You broke his neck. A police officer that looked like it could be Steve Landgon's dad white hair and all. He pointed his gun at Steve Langdon and the two other people with him and the woman next to me tried to take the gun and point it at Ali still holding the sword and the policeman pointed the gun at her and she said alright and he pointed the gun back at the three. One person stepped out and said I'm the District Attorney the policeman said How did you get here before me and then there was a gunshot (I can't recall how many) and then the 5 minute bell rang and everyone started moving again. Even me. The next day the teacher said I had to teach outside the accounting/typing quad. They had the hall taped off. The next day everyone was in the classroom. Time passed someone that sounded like my father came in said arrest him and the man next to him and said I am not allowed in Islam. The rest of the year he sat in the classroom no police, no investigators, no press, nothing. They keep saying I'm asserting Islam, I'm being assertive. The thing is that all the now celebrities look older compared to how the look in the TV shows and DVD. They say the people that were killed were not my relatives, I would suggest a blood test.






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Legal Solution

The response provided below is specific to wrongful death attorneys in the jurisdiction of Anchorage. If the response is inadequate, please submit a detailed inquiry.

Based on the description provided, it seems you are seeking guidance on a matter that is deeply complex and involves various aspects of the law, potentially including wrongful death, threats, and possibly other criminal activities. Given the severity and unique nature of your situation, it's crucial to approach this with the gravity it deserves, addressing each component with due diligence.

Legal Framework and Relevant Statutes

For cases involving wrongful death in Anchorage, the most relevant legal statutes would include those outlined in the Alaska Statutes. Specifically, AS 09.55.580 - Actions for Wrongful Death, provides the legal basis for bringing a wrongful death lawsuit in Alaska. This statute allows certain family members or representatives of the deceased's estate to file a lawsuit seeking compensation for their loss. Given the complexity of your situation, it's also advisable to consider statutes related to assault, battery, and potentially criminal threats, which are covered under different sections of the Alaska Statutes. Unfortunately, without access to up-to-date databases, I can't provide direct links to these statutes. However, the Alaska Legislature's website ( serves as a valuable resource for researching specific laws.

Potential Solutions and Legal Action

To navigate this intricate situation, several steps are recommended:

  1. Immediate Legal Consultation: Engage with a seasoned wrongful death lawyer who also has experience in criminal law. Given the nature of the events described, it's crucial to have legal representation that can handle both the civil and potential criminal aspects of your case. To find the right lawyer, consider visiting Explore Lawyers.

  2. Detailed Documentation: Compile all available evidence related to the incidents described, including any witness statements, police reports, and personal accounts. This documentation will be critical in both criminal proceedings and a wrongful death lawsuit.

  3. Consider Additional Legal Avenues: Based on the threats and actions described, there may be grounds for criminal charges against the individuals involved. Your attorney can liaise with law enforcement to determine the viability of criminal prosecution.

Cost Considerations

Given the specialized nature of this case, covering both wrongful death and criminal threats, legal fees can vary significantly. Below is a hypothetical table reflecting potential costs in Anchorage, contrasting with national averages:

Service Offered Estimated Cost (Anchorage) Difference from National Average
Initial Consultation $250 +10%
Case Evaluation $1,500 +15%
Representation in Criminal Proceedings $10,000 - $20,000 +20%
Wrongful Death Lawsuit $25,000 - $50,000 +25%

Please note, these figures are illustrative and actual costs can vary. Alaska might have specific regulations impacting legal fees, especially on contingency bases for wrongful death cases, making it essential to discuss financial arrangements upfront with your attorney.

Complexity of the Case

Cases involving both potential criminal actions and wrongful death are inherently complex due to:

  1. The need to navigate both the criminal justice system and civil litigation.
  2. The emotional toll on all parties involved, complicating the gathering of clear testimony and evidence.
  3. Potential media attention, which can influence public perception and the legal process.

Case Studies and Resolution Approaches

  1. Wrongful Death with Criminal Elements: Engage a law firm specializing in both criminal defense and wrongful death. Ensure the firm has a strong investigative team to gather evidence.

  2. Threats and Assault in a School Setting: Work closely with law enforcement to ensure a thorough investigation is conducted, leveraging school resources for witness statements.

  3. Complex Litigation Involving Minors and Public Figures: Seek a legal team experienced in high-profile cases to navigate the additional scrutiny and legal complexities involved.

Questions for Further Clarification

  1. Can you provide more details about the nature of the threats made?
    • Understanding the specifics can help assess the criminal components of your case.
  2. Were there any witnesses to these events, and are there any statements or evidence already collected?
    • Witness testimonies can be crucial in both criminal and civil proceedings.
  3. What has been the response from law enforcement and the school administration up to this point?
    • Their actions (or inaction) can play a significant role in both the legal strategy and potential outcomes.

Commonly Asked Questions

Q1: How do I know if I have a wrongful death case?

A wrongful death case requires proof that the death was caused by someone else's negligence or intentional actions. Consulting with a wrongful death lawyer can help determine if your situation meets these criteria.


This content is for informational purposes only and does not establish an attorney-client relationship. It's always recommended to consult with a local attorney about your specific situation.

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