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A wide range of institutions can be found on the Internet that support war veterans, help them to execute requests for various veterans' benefits, provide guidance through all the necessary formalities, and offer them free legal assistance. Some VA facilities host non-VA legal service providers that can assist veterans in the USA free of charge, either in the form of financial compensation or free legal advice. A list of these organizations can be found in the links below or on the government websites of individual US states. A VJO specialist can be contacted near your area of residence who knows local resources for legal aid for veterans and disabled citizens. Our free Legal Advice Center can be used for specific legal questions related to veterans and people affected by war. Ask about anything you do not understand.

This may include the following questions:

  • How to qualify for veterans' and state benefits?
  • Do I need a lawyer or can my case be settled out of court?
  • What benefits and state contributions am I entitled to?
  • Who decides on the allocation of benefits? Veterans' associations or the State Apparatus?

It is fair to say that the vast majority of legal assistance and social benefits apply only to disabled veterans that live at a subsistence level, in the countryside or in peripheral areas. The advantage of our free Legal Advice Center is the fact that we never refuse help to anyone. Although we cannot guarantee a perfect response to your question in record time, our help is free and without any charges. If you are interested, continue to complete the form.


State/district Abbr. Capital
Alabama AL Montgomery
Alaska AK Juneau
Arizona AZ Phoenix
Arkansas AR Little Rock
California CA Sacramento
Colorado CO Denver
Connecticut CT Hartford
Delaware DE Dover
District of Columbia DC Washington
Florida FL Tallahassee
Georgia GA Atlanta
Hawaii HI Honolulu
Idaho ID Boise
Illinois IL Springfield
Indiana IN Indianapolis
Iowa IA Des Moines
Kansas KS Topeka
Kentucky KY Frankfort
Louisiana LA Baton Rouge
Maine ME Augusta
Maryland MD Annapolis
Massachusetts MA Boston
Michigan MI Lansing
Minnesota MN Saint Paul
Mississippi MS Jackson
Missouri MO Jefferson City
Montana MT Helena
Nebraska NE Lincoln
Nevada NV Carson City
New Hampshire NH Concord
New Jersey NJ Trenton
New Mexico NM Santa Fe
New York NY Albany
North Carolina NC Raleigh
North Dakota ND Bismarck
Ohio OH Columbus
Oklahoma OK Oklahoma City
Oregon OR Salem
Pennsylvania PA Harrisburg
Rhode Island RI Providence
South Carolina SC Columbia
South Dakota SD Pierre
Tennessee TN Nashville
Texas TX Austin
Utah UT Salt Lake City
Vermont VT Montpelier
Virginia VA Richmond
Washington WA Olympia
West Virginia WV Charleston
Wisconsin WI Madison
Wyoming WY Cheyenne

Review and Analysis of Legal Assistance for Veterans

Understanding the Context

The information provided sheds light on the various online platforms that assist war veterans in the USA, guiding them through benefits application processes, and providing free legal help. Organizations collaborate with VA facilities, hosting non-VA legal service providers who offer this free assistance. Specific to Florida and New York, veterans can reach out to a VJO specialist for local legal aid resources. The highlight of the Legal Advice Center is its inclusivity—refusing help to none, though a perfect and timely response isn't guaranteed.

1.1 Relevant Legal Provisions:

Solutions to the Problem

Veterans may have various queries, from qualifying for benefits to the allocation process. Veterans can either reach out directly to the mentioned organizations or utilize online platforms to ask a free legal question. It is essential to first ascertain your eligibility for state and veterans' benefits. While minor concerns may be settled without legal intervention, complex issues may require consultation. Allocation of benefits can be decided by either veterans' associations or the State Apparatus, contingent on the specific case and location.

Estimated Rates for Legal Services

Type of Law Florida (FL) New York (NY)
Military & Veterans Law Attorneys $210 $250
Personal Injury Lawyers $320 $370
Auto Accident $310 $360
Family Lawyers $230 $270
Divorce Lawyers $240 $280
Child Custody $260 $310
Probate Lawyers $250 $295
Criminal Defense Lawyers $285 $340

(All prices are estimated per hour and can vary based on attorney's experience, skills, and other factors.)

Seeking Clarification

To provide the most accurate advice and guidance, it's vital to have a comprehensive understanding of your specific situation. Please provide more details about your circumstances, benefits you are looking to claim, or any specific issues you're facing.

Connect Now! - If you're uncertain about the right legal path, it's time to compare lawyers in your area and choose one that fits your needs best.

Questions for Further Clarification:

  1. Which specific benefits are you looking to claim? - Understanding the benefits you aim to claim can guide you towards the most relevant legal advice.
  2. Do you have any documentation or prior correspondence related to your claim? - This will provide clarity on the current status of your application or issue.
  3. Have you previously engaged with any attorney or organization for this concern? - Knowing if you have sought prior legal help can give context to any advice or steps recommended.

Legal Disclaimer:

The advice provided here is for informational purposes only and does not establish an attorney-client relationship. Please consult with a local attorney for personalized legal advice.

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Last answer by gregory e couch (review)  |  Written  4 years 3 months ago
Written by Glenn Davis (review) Sat, 02/16/2019 - 05:42 About 2-3 years ago my mother went to an attorney to add me to the deed on her house. She passed away in April 2018. My sister (only sibling) and I have been…
Last answer by Counselor  |  Written  4 years 9 months ago
Written by Glenn Davis (review) Sat, 02/16/2019 - 05:42 About 2-3 years ago my mother went to an attorney to add me to the deed on her house. She passed away in April 2018. My sister (only sibling) and I have been…

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Do you know the answer to a legal question that is related to the field of law called military & veterans law attorneys? If you believe that you can advise the inquirer – in even the slightest way – do not hesitate and share your opinion in the comment section. This contribution concerns the location of Florida, New York and, therefore, it is important to post only comments that are relevant to this location. Do you have a similar or a different legal inquiry? Select the correct category, fill in all the required fields, and submit your post.
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"Free Legal Help for Veterans - Ask a Lawyer a Question!"

Florida military & veterans law attorneys New York

Written by Glenn Davis (review)
Sat, 02/16/2019 - 05:42

About 2-3 years ago my mother went to an attorney to add me to the deed on her house. She passed away in April 2018. My sister (only sibling) and I have been working on the house and have it on the market. We plan to split the profit on the house 50-50. I was just going to give her the money after everything had been paid off, but now I’m wondering if I should have added her to the deed. We just recently got a contract on the house. So it may be too late for that, but I don’t know. I also don’t know what kind of taxes or fees I will need to pay. Can you tell me what my options are at this point and what is the best course of action? Also, what kind of taxes or fees will I be responsible for? 


Glenn Davis

If you are having legal problems, you can get free legal assistance from lawyers in your area. We assist you to find and compare law firms in your area by clients' reviews, prices (legal fees), and other parameters. You can ask a legal question or find an attorney.

Written by Counselor
Mon, 02/25/2019 - 08:44

Hello Glenn,

thank you for getting in touch. you have a question, we have answers. The only think you must do is to submit your own legal question here.

Written by gregory e couch (review)
Sun, 08/18/2019 - 18:13

i file a lawsuit ageint the state of  new jersey  on a stipulation of settlement  of estate

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