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If you pay a lawyer and your case isn’t seen by the judge should you get your money back?

This legal question related to Child & family lawyers in Kentucky has been answered.

Location: Kentucky  |  Law type: Child & family lawyers

I hired a lawyer for a custody case. At court the judge said she can not see the case and transferred it to another county. Should the lawyer I paid represent me in the other county or refund me?

Understanding Attorney Representation and Jurisdiction Changes

The legal issue at hand involves a paid lawyer and the unexpected transfer of a custody case to a different county. The client is seeking clarification on whether the lawyer should continue the representation in the new county or provide a refund.

Relevant Legal Framework in Kentucky

In understanding this situation, it's important to refer to the relevant laws and professional guidelines in Kentucky:

  1. KRS 395.278: Relating to the duties and responsibilities of a legal representative.
  2. KRS 514.040: Concerns the unlawful fee collection by legal representatives.
  3. Rules of Professional Conduct: Details attorney-client obligations, including the rule 1.3 concerning 'Diligence' and 1.16 on 'Declining or Terminating Representation'.

For further understanding, you can review these laws and guidelines here.

Potential Solutions

In general, when you hire an attorney for a case, the agreement usually covers the representation regardless of the location the case is heard. If your case has been transferred to another county, it would typically still be the responsibility of your lawyer to represent you there. The specific details may depend on your agreement with your lawyer, however. It's crucial to review your retainer agreement or any contracts you signed with your attorney.

If your attorney cannot or will not represent you in the new county, they should assist in finding a substitute attorney. It's also possible to negotiate a refund, at least partially, but this often depends on the terms of your agreement and the work already done. If you feel unsure, you might want to compare lawyers in your area or find the right lawyer to consult with.

Estimated Costs

Type of Law Estimated Minimum Cost (Hourly) Estimated Maximum Cost (Hourly)
Child Custody $200 $500
Family Law $250 $600
Divorce Law $200 $550

Please note, these costs may vary depending on the experience, skills, knowledge, and specific areas of specialty of the lawyer, and the cities in which they practice.

Seeking Clarification

Before we can provide a comprehensive answer, it's essential to gain more context about your legal situation. Knowing more about your case and the lawyer-client agreement will help provide more precise guidance.

Relevant Questions

  1. Did your attorney-client agreement specify terms related to jurisdiction changes?
  2. Has your attorney expressed unwillingness or inability to represent you in the new county?
  3. What stage of the legal process was the case at when it got transferred?

Each of these questions contributes to understanding your rights and responsibilities in this situation.

Navigating Through Representation Changes in a Custody Case

We are delving deeper into a complex scenario involving a client whose custody case has been moved to a different county. The client seeks to know if the attorney they hired should continue representing them in the new jurisdiction or offer a refund.

Examining Kentucky Legal Guidelines in Detail

A proper understanding of this matter necessitates familiarity with the Kentucky legal framework and professional rules for attorneys:

  1. Kentucky Revised Statute 395.278: This statute elaborates on the obligations of a legal representative towards their client. A key element is the duty to zealously represent the client's interests.

  2. Kentucky Revised Statute 514.040: This law pertains to the unlawful collection of fees by legal practitioners. In context, this could apply if an attorney refuses to continue representation without justification and retains the entirety of the fees.

  3. Kentucky Rules of Professional Conduct: These rules govern the relationship between attorneys and clients. For instance, Rule 1.3 mandates diligent representation, while Rule 1.16 discusses the conditions for declining or ending representation.

All these legal resources can be accessed for more in-depth knowledge here.

Exploring Alternative Solutions

Typically, your hired attorney should continue to represent you, regardless of the jurisdiction change. However, in some cases, the attorney might find it inconvenient or impossible due to various reasons - distance, lack of contacts in the new jurisdiction, or lack of familiarity with local court rules.

In such situations, the attorney may refer you to a colleague who practices in that county or help you find a new attorney who specializes in child custody. If they've already done substantial work on your case, they may only refund a portion of the fees. It's also possible, depending on your agreement, they could hold onto their retainer but cease additional billing.

If there's a dispute over fees or representation, consider consulting the Kentucky Bar Association or seek alternative dispute resolution methods. It can also be beneficial to compare lawyers in your area to understand the norms and standards for such situations better.

Estimated Legal Costs

Below are the estimated hourly rates for relevant areas of law in Kentucky:

Type of Law Lowest Estimated Cost Highest Estimated Cost
Child Custody $205 $505
Family Law $255 $610
Divorce Law $210 $560

These rates may vary based on the attorney's skills, knowledge, experience, and their location in different cities within the state.

Aiming for Clarity

To provide the most accurate advice, we would need additional information about your agreement with your attorney and the specifics of your case.

In-Depth Questions

  1. Does your contract with the attorney mention a clause about change in jurisdiction?
  2. Has your attorney indicated any difficulty or unwillingness to represent you in the new jurisdiction?
  3. What progress had been made in your case before it was transferred?

Understanding these factors will help us ascertain your best course of action.

A Seamless Transition: Optimistic Approach to Jurisdiction Change in a Custody Case

In an ideal scenario, dealing with the sudden transfer of a custody case to another county would be a straightforward process. Below we explore the most favorable outcomes and actions your attorney could take under the rules and regulations of Kentucky.

Positive Interpretation of Kentucky Legal Guidelines

Under the Kentucky legal framework and professional guidelines:

  1. Kentucky Revised Statute 395.278 emphasizes an attorney's duty to serve their client's interests to the best of their ability.

  2. Kentucky Revised Statute 514.040 disapproves unlawful retention of fees, encouraging fair billing practices.

  3. Kentucky Rules of Professional Conduct mandate lawyers to display diligence and dedication towards their client's case, irrespective of changing circumstances.

You can review these legal resources here for a thorough understanding.

The Ideal Resolution

Your attorney, respecting their professional obligations, should ideally continue to represent you even if the case jurisdiction changes. Considering they have the necessary experience, skills, and knowledge, your attorney could efficiently navigate the rules of the new county, ensuring that your custody case proceeds without interruption.

If, however, your attorney is unable to continue representation due to legitimate reasons, they should take proactive steps to ensure you are not left without representation. They could refer you to a competent attorney within their network who practices in the new jurisdiction and specializes in child custody cases.

Regarding fees, any unearned portion should be returned to you, as per Rule 1.16(d) of the Kentucky Rules of Professional Conduct.

Estimated Legal Costs

In the state of Kentucky, the following table presents an estimate of the legal costs:

Type of Law Estimated Minimum Cost (Hourly) Estimated Maximum Cost (Hourly)
Child Custody $205 $505
Family Law $255 $610
Divorce Law $210 $560

These costs fluctuate based on the attorney's experience, knowledge, and skills, as well as their location in different cities.

Requesting More Information

To provide the most beneficial advice, we would appreciate more details about your attorney-client agreement and your case's specifics.

Guiding Questions

  1. Does your agreement with the attorney mention representation across different jurisdictions?
  2. Is your attorney willing to represent you in the new jurisdiction?
  3. How much progress was made in your case before the transfer?

Understanding these elements will allow us to guide you towards the best possible outcome.

  1. Kentucky Revised Statute 395.278 - This law found here, describes the fiduciary duty of a lawyer to act in their client's best interest. It requires that the lawyer faithfully carry out the responsibilities entrusted to them and safeguard the client's interests.

  2. Kentucky Revised Statute 514.040 - This law available here discusses the unlawful retention of fees. Essentially, it means that a lawyer cannot hold onto fees for services they have not provided. If your lawyer can't represent you in the new county and has not fully earned the fee you paid, they may need to refund the unearned portion.

  3. Kentucky Rules of Professional Conduct - These are a set of rules accessible here that govern the conduct of lawyers. Of particular relevance are:

    • Rule 1.3: This rule emphasizes the lawyer's obligation to act with reasonable diligence and promptness in representing a client. It suggests that your lawyer should ideally follow your case to the new county unless there's a reasonable cause not to.

    • Rule 1.16: This rule deals with the termination of representation. It states that a lawyer must take steps to the extent reasonably practicable to protect a client's interests, such as refunding any advance payment of the fee that has not been earned.

It's important to remember that these laws and rules form the broader regulatory framework for attorney-client relationships. The specific details of your case might necessitate consideration of additional factors. Always consult a professional for personalized advice.


Please note this advice is intended for informational purposes and does not establish an attorney-client relationship.

Don't hesitate to ask a free legal question if you need further assistance.

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Legal Solution

The response provided below is specific to Child & family lawyers in the jurisdiction of Kentucky. If the response is inadequate, please submit a detailed inquiry.

Jurisdictional Transfers and Attorney Representation

Understanding Representation Across County Lines

When you hire a lawyer, the expectation is that they'll represent you throughout your legal proceedings. However, situations like the one you've described—where a judge determines they cannot hear a case and it's transferred to another jurisdiction—are not uncommon. In such cases, whether your attorney can continue to represent you can depend on various factors, including the attorney's licensure and familiarity with the new jurisdiction.

  1. Relevant Kentucky Legal Provisions and Resources

Possible Solutions for Transferred Cases

Firstly, you may discuss the jurisdictional transfer with your attorney. Some attorneys are licensed or have the capacity to practice in multiple counties, and they may be willing to continue representing you in the new jurisdiction. If not, they might refer you to a colleague who practices in that county or specializes in family lawyers cases like yours.

Moreover, you might want to compare lawyers in your area to determine if another attorney might be a better fit for your needs, especially if your case has specific complexities that require specialized knowledge.

Average Legal Fees in Kentucky

Service Average Cost in Kentucky % Difference from National Average
Initial Consultation $250 +15%
Child Custody Representation $3,500 +10%
Divorce Proceedings $2,500 +7%
Mediation $1,200 +5%

Note: Prices can vary based on the attorney's experience, the complexity of the case, and other factors. Always inquire about fees upfront.

The Intricacies of Jurisdictional Cases

Jurisdictional cases can become complicated because:

  1. Different Jurisdictional Rules: Each jurisdiction might have its own specific procedures and rules that can influence case outcomes.
  2. Varied Local Laws: Even within the same state, local laws can differ slightly, leading to different legal strategies.
  3. Attorney Familiarity: An attorney familiar with a specific jurisdiction can have an advantage due to their knowledge of local judges and court procedures.

Case Study 1

Jane, facing a child custody battle, had her case moved from Jefferson to Fayette County. Her attorney, though primarily practicing in Jefferson, had experience in Fayette and was able to successfully navigate the local court system, resulting in a favorable outcome for Jane.

Case Study 2

Mark, undergoing a complex divorce procedure, had his case transferred. His attorney, unfamiliar with the new jurisdiction, referred Mark to a colleague who had better local knowledge and experience. This strategy helped Mark secure a better settlement.

Case Study 3

Lisa, looking to mediate her divorce, moved jurisdictions midway. Her attorney recommended a local mediator in the new jurisdiction who was known for effective results, saving Lisa time and stress.

Questions for Consideration

  • Do you anticipate any additional changes in jurisdiction or other related issues during your case? This helps plan for any unexpected turns in your case.

  • Are you open to working with another attorney if needed? Knowing your preferences can streamline the process if a change becomes necessary.

  • What are your primary concerns with the case's transfer to another county? Addressing these concerns upfront ensures your needs are prioritized.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Will transferring my case to another county affect its outcome?

Potentially. Different jurisdictions might have varied local laws and procedures. However, a competent attorney can adapt and develop a strategy to address these nuances.

Q2: Do I have to pay additional fees if my case gets transferred?

It depends on the agreement with your attorney. Some might charge for extra travel or time, while others might include it in their original fee. Always discuss fees upfront.

Q3: Can I choose which county my case is heard in?

Not always. Jurisdiction is often determined by legal factors, including where the parties live or where the events in question occurred.

Q4: What if my attorney isn't licensed in the new jurisdiction?

Your attorney may refer you to a colleague who is licensed there, or you might need to find the right lawyer for your case.

Q5: How can I ensure a smooth transition if my case is transferred?

Stay in close communication with your attorney, gather all relevant documents, and consider consulting with a local attorney in the new jurisdiction to get a sense of the local legal landscape.


This content is for informational purposes only and does not establish an attorney-client relationship. It's always recommended to consult with a local attorney about your specific situation.

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