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Stalked by a police officer. When I went to confront him, he tried to have me arrested for telecommunications harassment (Oak Harbor PD threw the case out) and alleged seriously abusive contact that did NOT occur.

Here is my situation. I first met Officer Ryan J McKinnon after my exboyfriend and a friend of his hacked my accounts, showed up in town, and may have attacked my pets. Someone left some trash (a half eaten apple) in my apple tree around this time and I told him that stupid crap like that sets off my PTSD and it feels like everything is because of them. I have severe PTSD which is being treated by a therapist I've been seeing since 2015. I made several other allegations to him, one of which included mentioning my history as a sex trafficking survivor.

This is going to be a crazy report. I was drugged with hallucinogens and other things when I was abducted and raped multiple times by a human trafficking ring in Toledo. I see a therapist for this. I was seeing a second therapist and psychiatrist for a while due to the severity of the trauma. I become confused and irrational during post traumatic flashbacks.

One of the people I made sex trafficking allegations to at Oak Harbor PD was of a former Ottawa County deputy Jim Berlin who was friends with McKinnon. Jim Berlin was a person who raped me in a child porn ring with a dog. I have horrific memories of being sadistically raped by a dog and then taken to a room where he was and forced to have sex with him. He also made me hurt other little girls and masturbated while watching. I have a second witness, Nicole Karg, whose father was an acquaintance of Jim Berlin (he was a deputy.) She alleges to me, but not to the police (I don't want to ask her to do that because it's such a hard thing to do,) that he raped her in a CP ring as well. This ring drugged us repeatedly and we both have severe mental illness issues and see therapists/psychiatrists to manage it.

I caught Ryan McKinnon on my property in November/Dec 2021. He left an apple in my tree and drove away in a blue car. The next night, an apple that was cut in half was left in my tree (I did not see Ryan do it at this time). I don't want to sound crazy, but when I saw the halved apple (the top of it was cut off) a repressed memory of Ryan on top of me raping me occurred, and he told me he was going to make me lose my head because I'm nuts. I had vaginal pain that corresponded to the memory that was severe, as well as a feeling like I was on drugs and like I was going to throw up. Here's the thing. I have severe PTSD. Someone who looks similar to him could have very well set off this flashback. Several times in the last year, I was disappearing at night and returning feeling like I was drugged. One time, my vagina was bleeding for a week and was so painful to the touch that it hurt to sit down or wear underwear.

I went to confront Ryan about why he was leaving apples in my apple tree. He deleted his facebook account. I tried to indirectly communicate with him on Facebook, told him he was triggering my flashbacks of being raped and tortured and that I wanted to kill myself, and this is the only communication I had with him. I gave him descriptions of my post traumatic flashbacks. I wanted him to either have a personal relationship with me or stop stalking me. I had no idea what to do. He is alleging I contacted multiple family members. I did not. I tagged one post to his wife, explained the situation, and said I'd love to be friends or have a sexual relationship with them (I was flashing back and had no idea what they wanted, I have problems with Stockholm Syndrome from being trafficked, I just offered them whatever I thought they might've wanted. It was really stupid to offer the sexual relationship but I have a lot of flashbacks of couples raping me together when I was a child and an adult so I was confused). That was it. No threats. Nothing. He is alleging I threatened to rape and torture him. He said that I said this to his brother in law. I did not. I have no idea who his brother in law even is. I sent a friend request to his ex wife, and she blocked me. No other contact between me and this man's family happened.

He is alleging that I said and did all kinds of horrible things I DID NOT do, that are based on things I said. So I said he triggered my flashbacks of being raped and tortured. So then he says I threatened him with that. I don't know if I'm paranoid, but I feel like there's a sadistic mind game here and this guy is genuinely terrifying and has a weird hatred for the mentally ill. He said I threatened to come to his house and that I knew who his children were. I WOULD NEVER SAY SUCH A THING! I would have never contacted or stressed his children or even allowed them to know I was trying to privately discuss my issue with their father. Children deserve to be protected. I am a survivor of incestuous rape, domestic violence, and an actual pedophile ring. I would have never done or said such a thing. It is inappropriate to involve children in adult matters like this, so I would've never tried to contact him through them or anything.

He was granted a restraining order against me. I want it reversed or removed. I have no desire to contact him. I want to know if he's triggering flashbacks of someone else raping me or if he himself actually raped me. I want to be protected from a frightening police officer who came into my yard and then lied about me before a judge when I tried to confront him about it. I feel like I'm the victim and I should have a restraining order against this frightening person.

Thank you for taking the time to read this long-winded story.

PS: I'm from Oak Harbor, Ohio. I'm not sure if the form took that down correctly.


Kristen Goddard

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"Stalked by a police officer. When I went to confront him, he tried to have me arrested for telecommunications harassment (Oak Harbor PD threw the case out) and alleged seriously abusive contact that did NOT occur."

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