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Should I charge the Mother of the child with senior abuse and retaliation. She had me arrested for indecent obscene exposure with a child at my home?

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My wife has Als and I need help for her. I hired an agency that provided me with a caregiver.

The caregiver was very attentive and later lost her babysitter. I allowed her to bring her child to work at my home.

My wife died and I continued to employ the caregiver. to assist me around the house.. She assisted me with my adema treatments.

We became close and I invited her to go on a 4 day cruse with me including her 3 year old daughter. After the cruse we started dating.

I was 71 years old and the caregiver was 22. She is from South America so she is from a different culture and race. I traveled and let her house sit for me while I was gone. She maintained the house and took care of my dog in exchange for the room and board. Her daughter stayed with her. When I returned from an extended stay in Tiland they  and her mother were about to be evicted from their apartment. I assisted by paying the rent last September. It was now the middle of November so rater than pay again I moved her and her daughter into my house. Her cousin who was visiting from South America also moved in with us. The three of us went to Maui on a weeks vacation while the cousin house sat. Her cousin went home in late December.

On December 19, 2019, the caregiver, now my girlfriend was terminated because a formal complaint was filled by my grandchildren's mother.

The complaint alleged Senior abuse. We continued to live in my home as a family unit only now I was paying for everything. I defended the caregiver and there was no arrest. I paid for airfare for the child and Mother to go home to South America. over Christmas. The Mother got another job in March 2020. I was now caregiver for the child when the Mother was at work. Since she worked all hours I was often the one to bathe the child as well as feed her and change her and put her to bed. The child would go to the bathroom with the door open. She would also walk in on me when I was going to the bathroom.


Thursday May 27th the Mother worked her 8:30 to 4:00 shift. I took her to work and picked her up. She was in the bedroom with her daughter while I made dinner. After we ate the Mother asked what time it was. It was 6;42. She said she needed to call a cleiant  after 7:00 to see if the caregiver showed up. She expected a call at 7:30 if no one showed up she would have to take the shift which is 8:PM to 8 AM. I took her across town to this pick up shift and she took the bus to her 8;30 shift. The next day she called me to please pick her up at 4:00. The daughter fell asleep on the way home. The Mother said she had a headache. She took her daughter to her room and went to bed herself. I checked on the daughter later and she said her mother was sleeping. We had both been in the sun all morning. I asked the daughter if she wanted to see my sun burn. We went in the bathroom and I took off my shirt to show how red I was. Not thinking anything of it I took off my shorts while she was still in the room and went to the bathroom. Her mother came into the room and asked WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY DAUGHTER? I said I was showing her my sunburn. The mother repeated WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY DAUGHTER? I again said I was showing her my sunburn. .The third time was the same question only more force full.  I admitted I went to the bathroom.The Mother immediately called the Police. 


I didn't think anything was wrong as the daughter had seen me naked on a number of times. I emptied the dishwasher while the Mother and daughter waited outside for the Police. The Police came and I told them the truth. They in turn took me to the Police station ware I told the truth this time to Detectives. I thought I would be let go but I was taken to jail. I was in jail from 22:22 Friday May 29 until 12:05 PM Sunday.


I have sleep aptnia so I could not sleep at all. I tried to contact my son on the phone but could not reach him. I took the bus home Sunday.

When I went before the Judge to be released I told my appointed attorney that I did not expect that the  Mother would stay in my house. The District Attorney said she spoke to the Mother and she would be staying at her Mother's. The District Attorney advised the Mother to get her things while I was away. She did not , she waited to return for her things when my Daughter could be there.


I made a list of estimated expenses not including room and board or commuting back to when we went on the Cruise. All and all I have spent $17,500 that I would not have spent, had we not lived together. I am of the opinion that the Mother had me arrested in retaliation for my family's involvement in the complaint against her that resulted in her loosing her job.



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"Should I charge the Mother of the child with senior abuse and retaliation. She had me arrested for indecent obscene exposure with a child at my home?"

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