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This legal question related to traffic law attorneys in Mondovi & WisconsinWisconsin has been answered.

Location: Mondovi, Wisconsin  |  Law type: traffic law attorneys


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Legal Solution

The response provided below is specific to traffic law attorneys in the jurisdiction of Mondovi, Wisconsin. The previous inquiry was brief, complicating a thorough response.

Addressing Traffic Citations From Identity Theft in Mondovi, Wisconsin

Identity theft is a grievous offense that can bring about a myriad of complications for the victim. Among these complications, receiving traffic citations that aren't genuinely associated with your actions is alarming and requires swift legal attention.

Relevant Laws and Resources

  • Wisconsin Traffic Laws: This set of laws governs all issues related to traffic in the state.
  • Identity Theft Laws in Wisconsin: Specific statutes handle the illegal use of another individual's personal information.
  • Wisconsin Circuit Court Access (WCCA): The official online portal to access public records, including traffic citations.
  • For comprehensive details on Wisconsin's state laws, visit the official government website: Wisconsin Government Homepage.

Potential Solutions

  1. Contact Local Law Enforcement: Report the identity theft to the local police department and obtain an official police report.
  2. Dispute the Citations: Approach the traffic court in Wisconsin and present the police report and any other evidence proving that the traffic violations were not committed by you.
  3. Protect Your Identity: Monitor your credit reports and other personal documents closely to ensure there are no other instances of identity theft.
  4. Seek Legal Assistance: It would be wise to find the right lawyer who specializes in identity theft cases or traffic law to guide you through the process.

Price Analysis for Legal Services in Mondovi

Legal Service Average Price ($)
Initial Consultation 120
Disputing a Traffic Citation 850
Identity Theft Case Handling 1,935
Ongoing Monitoring and Protection Service 300
Court Appearance Fees 550

Note: Prices vary based on the lawyer's experience and the complexity of the case. Always inquire about fees upfront when consulting with a lawyer.

Further Clarification

To better assist you with this predicament, it would be beneficial to understand more details about the situation. Would you be willing to provide additional information about the citations you've received and any other anomalies you've observed regarding your identity?

For a clearer grasp of your situation and to explore all possible legal remedies, ask a free legal question.

Relevant Questions for Further Analysis

  • Have you noticed any other suspicious activities linked to your identity besides the traffic citations?
  • Did you recently lose any personal items like a driver's license or other identification?
  • Have you previously shared personal information with any untrusted sources?

Frequently Asked Questions in Mondovi, Wisconsin

How do I prove that I was a victim of identity theft?

Usually, an official police report and any supporting evidence (like discrepancies in addresses, unfamiliar traffic locations, etc.) will help in establishing that you were a victim.

Can I get the traffic citations removed from my record?

Yes, once it's proven that the citations were a result of identity theft, they can be expunged or removed from your record.

What should I do if my identity is stolen again?

Always report it to the police immediately, monitor your credit reports, and consider seeking legal assistance.

Are there any preventive measures against identity theft?

Yes, always safeguard personal information, be wary of sharing sensitive data, use strong, unique passwords for online accounts, and regularly monitor credit reports.

Can I sue the person who stole my identity?

Yes, victims of identity theft can sue the perpetrator for damages and emotional distress, but identifying and prosecuting the offender can sometimes be challenging.


This content is for informational purposes only and does not establish an attorney-client relationship. It's always recommended to consult with a local attorney about your specific situation.

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