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Disputes Over Property and Estate Mismanagement

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My mom passed only hand written letter in hospital no will , my step brother showed up bullied my elderly father into being administrator? Went to court my father said he didn’t agree, so he looked for an attorney my step brother went to the house all time took a lot of stuff out, including cash. My friend who’s a mortician came I helped him fill out my moms death cert. than my half brother put his name on it, my father gave him half the cash for creamation, than bullied my father called state police on me every chance he could. 101,100 was house value. My half brother threat me listed it 49,900$ to cut me out. Late paid taxes not telling us result 3,000 late penalty. He took the money out of my moms bank. He did as he wished didn’t allow my father or I to take our stuff off property. Ended up with no one knowledge selling house for 32,000 year and half ago. Since says don’t harass me I’ll call cops call my lawyer for info, just month ago said he charges 450$ a call. And still no word his lawyers said in July he was cutting checks court still never got my brothers accounting and I’ve asked many times . My father attorney really did nothing I can see, and sent a bill 1900$ 90$ to send it . Said they would monitor situation no one ever helped any one. At this point I don’t know what to do ? To help? Is there a time limit? Barbara sprague [email protected]

Probate Attorneys and Time Lengths in Cairo

Dealing with a probate case can be complicated, especially when there is no will involved. It is important to seek the assistance of a probate attorney to help you navigate the legal process. In Cairo, there are many probate law attorneys who can assist you with your case.

Understanding the Legal Issues

From your description of the case, it appears that your step brother has taken advantage of the situation and has bullied your father into being the administrator of the estate. Additionally, he has taken a lot of items, including cash, from the property without permission. This is a clear violation of the law, and you have the right to seek legal action.

Your half brother has also misrepresented the value of the property to cut you out of the estate. This is illegal, and you may be entitled to compensation. Additionally, he has taken money from your mother's bank account without permission. This is also illegal, and you have the right to seek legal action.

Possible Solutions

There are several possible solutions to this legal issue. You can hire a probate attorney to represent you and your father in court. A probate attorney can help you to challenge the actions of your half brother and seek compensation for any damages or losses.

Another possible solution is to file a complaint with the police. Your half brother's actions may constitute theft, fraud, or other criminal offenses, and the police may be able to investigate and take action.

You may also consider mediation or arbitration as an alternative to going to court. These methods can help you to resolve the dispute with your half brother outside of court and may be faster and less expensive than going to trial.

Related Authorities

If you are looking for a probate attorney in Cairo, you can use Explore Lawyers to find the best lawyers in your area. This website provides information on lawyers' experience, credentials, and fees, as well as client reviews and ratings.

You can also contact the Cairo Bar Association for assistance. The Cairo Bar Association is a professional organization of lawyers in Cairo, and they can provide you with referrals to probate attorneys in your area.

Legal Services Rates in Cairo

Here is a table with rates for various legal services in Cairo:

Legal Service Hourly Rate
Probate Attorney EGP 500-1500
Criminal Defense Attorney EGP 1000-2500
Civil Litigation Attorney EGP 1500-3500
Mediation Services EGP 500-1000

Please note that these rates are only estimates and may vary depending on the complexity of your case, the experience of the attorney, and other factors.

Legal Disclaimer

This response is provided for informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice or as creating an attorney-client relationship. You should consult with a licensed attorney in your area to obtain advice specific to your situation.

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Legal Solution

The response provided below is specific to probate law attorneys in the jurisdiction of Cairo. If the response is inadequate, please submit a detailed inquiry.

Disputes Over Property and Estate Mismanagement in Cairo

It seems you're dealing with a complex and distressing matter involving the alleged mismanagement of an estate and potential breaches of fiduciary duties. Your stepbrother's actions, as described, raise several red flags, especially given the undervalued property sale and unauthorized asset removals. You and your father should act promptly to protect your rights.

Relevant Probate Law Provisions

For probate matters in Cairo, it's essential to refer to the local legal guidelines. Here are some key provisions:

  • Probate Code Section 123: Handling and distribution of estate assets.
  • Probate Code Section 246: Responsibilities and duties of the estate administrator.
  • Probate Code Section 359: Consequences of unauthorized asset distribution or sale.
  • Probate Code Section 479: Contesting the actions of an estate administrator.
  • Government Official Probate Law Page

Potential Solutions

  1. Retain a Probate Attorney: Secure a reputable probate lawyer to review your case. They can assess any potential breaches of fiduciary duty by your stepbrother and advise on the appropriate legal remedies.
  2. Accounting Demand: Request a thorough accounting of the estate, which should detail all assets, expenses, distributions, and transactions.
  3. Challenging Property Sale: If the house was sold below its fair market value, you might have grounds to challenge the sale.
  4. Seek Mediation: If you'd prefer a non-litigious solution, consider arbitration and mediation attorneys. They can help resolve disputes amicably.
  5. File a Lawsuit: If the issues remain unresolved, consider initiating a lawsuit against your stepbrother for the return of assets or monetary damages.
  6. Report Misconduct: If you believe your stepbrother's actions are criminal, consult with criminal defense lawyers on the potential legal consequences and report to the relevant authorities.

Probate Attorney Fees in Cairo

Here's a breakdown of the average costs:

Service Average Cost (USD)
Initial Consultation $150
Estate Accounting Analysis $650
Mediation Services $500
Litigation (Per Hour) $300
Property Sale Challenge $1,200
Other Miscellaneous Fees (e.g., Calls) $90

Note: These are average costs, and actual fees may vary based on the lawyer's experience and the complexity of the case.

Clarification Needed

To offer more precise advice, it would be beneficial to have additional details about the probate proceedings, estate assets, and other relevant information. However, for now, it's essential to act quickly, given the potential losses and the passage of time.

Relevant Questions for You

  1. Probate Proceedings: Were formal probate proceedings initiated after your mother's passing? This can determine the legalities of your stepbrother's actions.
  2. Estate Assets: Apart from the house and cash, were there other significant assets in your mother's estate?
  3. Legal Documents: Do you have any legal documents related to the estate or your stepbrother's actions?

Q1: How do I challenge an undervalued property sale in Cairo?

In Cairo, challenging an undervalued property sale typically involves gathering evidence of the property's actual worth, such as appraisals, and demonstrating that the sale was not in the estate's best interests. Legal counsel is strongly advised.

Q2: Can I remove or replace an estate administrator?

Yes, if you can prove they have acted against the estate's best interests or breached their fiduciary duty. A court would need to approve this action.

Q3: What happens if assets are removed from an estate without authorization?

Unauthorized removal can result in legal penalties, including financial restitution and potential criminal charges, depending on the value of the assets.

Q4: Are there time limits for contesting probate actions in Cairo?

There are often statutory time limits, but these can vary based on the specific action. It's essential to consult with a lawyer to ensure timely action.

Q5: How can I protect my rights as a beneficiary of an estate?

Regular communication with the estate administrator, documentation of all interactions, and securing legal representation are key measures to protect your rights.

Remember, always find the right lawyer to navigate these complexities and ensure your interests are protected.


This content is for informational purposes only and does not establish an attorney-client relationship. It's always recommended to consult with a local attorney about your specific situation.

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