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Intrusion Upon Seclusion and Associated Legal Matters in South Carolina

This legal question related to discrimination & civil rights law... in Easley & South CarolinaSouth Carolina has been answered.


I believe I'm a victim of Intrusion Upon Seclusion. 

I had a powerful spiritual experience after my last deployment. I started perceiving voices in my head. I believe I am a prophet but the doctors diagnosed me with schizoaffective disorder. It's been over 8 years since I started perceiving the voices in my head. 
When my problems began, my ex-wife conspired with my father to leave me. She, evidently, wanted full custody so she could move out of state. I didn't know her plans at the time and I was very surprised when she started building her case against me. Her and my father began visiting the magistrate and lying about my condition. They had me involuntarily committed many times. Eventually, we went to court and my ex-wife was awarded full custody of our children. She moved in with a man before we were even divorced. Soon after the divorce, she married the man and moved out of state. She wouldn't give me contact information for her or the children.

My mental health suffered tremendously. I began thinking that she and the kids were victims of a human trafficking scheme. I contacted the FBI and expressed my concerns. They took my report, investigated, but, wouldn't communicate with me any further. I heard through my parents that they had located my children. Whenever I would call the FBI to verify, they would hang up on me. They were very rude. 
This year, I, believing myself to be a prophet as opposed to being schizophrenic, sent some messages to the CIA through their website. I shared information that was related to the war I served in and religion in general. I never received a direct response, though, they did send someone to make contact with me, it seems, at a local gas station. The man maintained a cover but mentioned details relevant to things I had mentioned in my emails. I also had two strange experiences with civilians I arranged dates with on a dating app; they also mentioned specifics from the emails I had sent to the CIA. 

Some strange things started happening on my social media accounts. I had an Arabic friend who was not a citizen. I sent him a message and within a week or so, his accounts were inactive and I lost contact with him. I have a Persian-American friend who I also sent a message to. He stopped communicating with me almost immediately after I made contact with him. I have 3 local friends who reported strange things happening to their cell phones after becoming my friend.

Local police have been acting very strange, too. I expressed concern about criminal activity based on my initial impression of my hacked network and communication device. The deputy I spoke to on April 6, 2021 took my driver's license and then, basically, told me to be on my way. I didn't realize he kept my license until days later. I called repeatedly and finally the deputy who was on duty that day denied ever taking my license. They sent police to my house with a canine, as well, but they did not knock on the door. They staged themselves next to my house and I saw them when I looked out my bathroom window but they left without making contact. My neighbor, I think, saw this and it upset him and his wife. I can't really explain why it happened, either. 

I think I'm under surveillance and I think the surveillance team has investigated my social media contacts. This is very dangerous for me. People are not happy when their privacy is compromised.

The most appalling thing that I have noticed is strange images appearing in my search results. The images were of a sexual nature and they were strange and redundant. They would appear in different search results multiple times. They were odd enough to catch my attention and I definitely never clicked on the images. It seemed whoever was monitoring my network was also placing images in my internet search results.

It seems that the investigator also accessed one of my social media accounts and sent a friend request to my son's girlfriend. I would never do something like this. I wasn't even aware it had happened until my son contacted me and he was very upset. I tried to explain to him that I would never do anything like that but the damage is already done. His girlfriend doesn't feel comfortable around me and my son hasn't visited me since. 

I send messages to myself addressing the investigators asking them to leave me alone. I sent a message to my mental health team expressing my concerns, but, most mental health providers will assume I'm just crazy if I tell them I'm under federal surveillance. 

It is taking a toll on me. I'm scared to make friends or contact my old friends for fear that they will come under scrutiny or be subjected to some similar kind of investigation. I'm having nightmares about being chased. I also had a nightmare about my underwear being cut off of my body with scissors which, I think, is evidence that I feel like my private life has been severely violated. I don't want to oppose the federal government. I just want my privacy back. I just want them to leave me alone.

Do you have any advice?

Legal Solution

The response provided below is specific to discrimination & civil rights law... in the jurisdiction of Easley, South Carolina. If the response is inadequate, please submit a detailed inquiry.

Intrusion Upon Seclusion and Associated Legal Matters in Easley, South Carolina

When faced with a complex situation involving multiple alleged transgressions, such as Intrusion Upon Seclusion and potential misconduct involving family and governmental agencies, it's imperative to navigate through the intricate legal maze to arrive at a resolution.

Relevant Legal Provisions in South Carolina

Potential Resolutions

  1. Legal Counsel: Engage a family lawyer specializing in child custody to revisit and challenge the custody decision, especially if there were alleged manipulations and false statements. Also, consider seeking a criminal defense lawyer to address the Intrusion Upon Seclusion claim.

  2. Medical Evaluations: If diagnosed with a mental disorder, periodic evaluations and treatments can serve as evidence in court that you're taking proactive steps towards mental well-being.

  3. Communication with Agencies: Direct, respectful communication with agencies like the FBI or CIA can occasionally yield clarity, though be prepared for limited information due to national security constraints.

Estimated Legal Costs in Easley, South Carolina

Legal Service Average Cost
Consultation with Family Lawyer $150 - $350 per hour
Consultation with Criminal Defense Lawyer $200 - $500 per hour
Child Custody Case $3,000 - $20,000 (full case)
Intrusion Upon Seclusion Claim $5,000 - $30,000 (full case)

Note: Prices vary based on the complexity of the case, the reputation of the attorney, and the duration of the legal proceedings.

Clarification and Next Steps

Your situation is understandably stressful. Would you be able to provide additional specific incidents of the alleged Intrusion Upon Seclusion for further analysis? Also, to get the most accurate legal guidance tailored to your situation, find the right lawyer specializing in your area of concern.

Questions for Further Clarification:

  • What specific incidents lead you to believe you were a victim of Intrusion Upon Seclusion?
  • Were there any written or verbal agreements between you and your ex-wife concerning the children post-divorce?
  • Did you maintain any form of documentation or evidence of your interactions with government agencies?

Commonly Asked Questions in Easley, South Carolina

What is the process for challenging a child custody decision?

The process typically involves filing a motion in family court, presenting evidence, and possibly going through mediation before a trial.

How is Intrusion Upon Seclusion defined in South Carolina?

While specifics can vary, it generally involves the intentional invasion of one's private affairs without consent, causing anguish.

Can I file a complaint against government agencies like the FBI or CIA?

Yes, though the specifics and the potential outcomes depend on the nature of the complaint and the agency's internal procedures.

How do I ensure my communications with government agencies remain private?

Using encrypted channels and ensuring no sensitive information is openly shared can help. However, certain agency communications are inherently monitored.

What are the potential consequences of being diagnosed with a mental health disorder in a child custody case?

A diagnosis can influence a court's decision, but consistent treatment and a stable environment can mitigate the potential negative impact.


This content is for informational purposes only and does not establish an attorney-client relationship. It's always recommended to consult with a local attorney about your specific situation.

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"Intrusion Upon Seclusion and Associated Legal Matters in South Carolina"

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