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Not sure what kind of lawyer that could help ME

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MY PARENTS had a trust setup for the family.A company came into up date the trust and changed and moving my dad money around and did not update what needed done.My dad lost money and benefits  in and now owes money to Irs they wasn't the company who did trust to begin with. THE APPLICATION  THAT THE COMPANY HAD FOR MY DAD TO CASH IN WAS  FORGED. When I called the company to ask them questions about what was going on they said they would look in to it and get back to me.I had told the my dad and had wrote out some check to there agent and I don't know where it going because we not have anything showing what policies  it going to and if the man who was coming here worked for them They insured me he did. They fired him sent another guy out to figure out what he done. Talk to company said he was fire told they thing he did and want my dad money put back into the company's it was. They told me he would be penalized  and lose more money. I had stated that the application  they showed me was forged .My dad lost forty thousand from  one of the policies  they moved they agreed to pay that back but hasn't fixed any of the damage and cashed in all stock and Ira.I been trying to go thought threw all there paper to find all the damage they had cost and I don't sure on how to find Meanwhile we had not got documents change for me handle their affairs in there pasting.PLEASE CAN I SOME ADVICE  ON WHAT I CAN DO AND HOW


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Legal Solution

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Potential Mismanagement and Forgery in Family Trust Matters

Your situation pertains to an apparent mishandling of a family trust, potentially involving forgery and financial losses. The key aspects to note include the unauthorized changing and updating of the trust, substantial financial loss, and the alleged forging of documents.

Relevant Legal Provisions in Mercer:

  • Trust Law – Governs the creation and management of trusts.
  • Forgery Law – Pertains to fraudulent document creation or alteration.
  • Financial Fraud Statutes – Addresses cases of financial mismanagement or deceit.
  • Elderly Financial Abuse Laws – Protects senior citizens from financial exploitation.

For more detailed and region-specific legal provisions, you can visit the government legal database here.

Suggested Solutions:

  1. Seek Legal Counsel: Engage with a probate lawyer in Mercer, as they specialize in trust-related matters. They will provide expert advice on possible legal remedies and potentially help recover lost funds.

  2. Document Gathering: Gather all related documents such as previous trust deeds, updates, financial transactions, and any communication with the company involved. This will aid in building a strong case.

  3. Legal Action: Once the evidence is strong enough, consider taking legal action against the company for potential trust mismanagement, financial losses, and forgery.

  4. Report to Authorities: Notify relevant authorities of the potential forgery, which might trigger an independent investigation.

Average Legal Fees in Mercer:

Legal Service Average Cost
Consultation with a probate lawyer $250 - $400 per hour
Trust Restoration and Recovery Services $2,000 - $5,000
Forgery or Fraud Investigation $1,500 - $4,000
Legal Proceedings (if pursued) $5,000 - $15,000 (varies)

Please note that these costs are average estimates and can vary based on case specifics and the lawyer's experience.

Seeking Further Clarity:

To ensure you receive accurate and tailored advice, consider providing more explicit details about your situation. Moreover, you can ask a free legal question to better understand the nuances of your case.

Relevant Questions for You:

  • Trust Details: Was the initial trust document explicitly specifying the management details and disbursement policies?

  • Communication Proof: Do you have any written communication (emails, letters, etc.) with the company that can serve as evidence?

  • Agent Interaction: Did the agents provide any identification or credentials when they visited?

Common Questions About Trust Mismanagement in Mercer:

1. How can I prove forgery in a legal document?

  • It would typically require a handwriting expert to testify that the signature or document is forged. Additionally, discrepancies in dates, document versions, or other inconsistencies can also serve as evidence.

2. What are the penalties for trust mismanagement?

  • Penalties can range from fines, repayment of lost funds, to jail time depending on the severity and the laws of the region.

3. How long does a legal proceeding related to trust mismanagement take?

  • It varies based on the complexity of the case. However, cases can last anywhere from several months to several years.

4. Can I settle outside of court?

  • Yes, many cases get settled out of court. Both parties can agree on compensation or other remedial measures without undergoing a lengthy court process.

5. What if the company declares bankruptcy during the legal proceedings?

  • In such scenarios, it might become challenging to recover all the lost funds. However, the company's assets can be liquidated to pay off its debts, which might include compensations.

For a more exhaustive list of potential lawyers and law firms that could assist in your situation, you can compare lawyers in your area.


This content is for informational purposes only and does not establish an attorney-client relationship. It's always recommended to consult with a local attorney about your specific situation.

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"Not sure what kind of lawyer that could help ME"

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