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Need Legal Help for Child Custody

This legal question related to child custody attorneys in California has been answered.

Location: California  |  Law type: child custody attorneys

I've heard about dads winning full custody by leveraging time and persistence, can someone guide me on how to approach my own situation?

I recently read a story of a dad who won full custody after a prolonged custody battle and his strategy was largely based on persistence and refusing to give in, even when things looked bleak. In the story, the dad waited for the right moment when his ex and her family had a significant disagreement, and he stepped in, taking custody of his daughter. Although he risked legal backlash, he played his cards right. I also came across another case where a father lost a trial, but due to the financial and emotional strain it placed on his ex, he eventually got what he wanted. My situation is a bit different, but I feel there might be some parallels. I'm currently in a custody battle and I'm worried about losing everything. I've heard that legal battles can be expensive and I'm not sure if I can afford a good attorney. I'd like some advice on the following:

  • What type of lawyer should I look for and how do I ensure they're good at what they do?
  • How much will it cost on average?
  • Are there any specific laws or clauses I should be aware of in my state?
  • Do the stories I read represent a viable strategy or were they outliers?

Legal Solution

The response provided below is specific to child custody attorneys in the jurisdiction of California. If the response is inadequate, please submit a detailed inquiry.

Legal Context and Key Insights

The situations you've described indeed present an alternative approach to child custody battles. These are not common strategies, but they highlight the importance of persistence and understanding the nuances of the family court system. It's crucial to recognize that while some individuals might find success with such tactics, every situation is unique and should be approached with caution and proper legal advice.

Relevant Laws and Regulations

  1. Family and Children Code
  2. Child Custody and Visitation
  3. Domestic Violence and Custody
  4. Child Support and Finances
  5. Homepage of Relevant Government Body

Potential Solutions

For your situation, it's crucial to consult with an experienced family lawyer who specializes in child custody issues. They can help you understand the unique aspects of your case, the local laws, and the potential legal implications of different strategies. Always remember, there's a fine line between persistence and potential violation of custody agreements or court orders. You might also consider arbitration and mediation attorneys as an alternative solution to potentially avoid a lengthy court battle.

Average Legal Costs for Child Custody Battles

Service Average Price ($)
Initial consultation 250
Document preparation 3200
Court appearances 450 per hour
Mediation sessions 600 per session
Comprehensive custody battle 15000 - 30000

Please note that these costs are variable depending on the complexity of the case, the attorney's experience, and regional differences.

Seeking Further Clarification

It would be beneficial to get more specific details about your situation. Please consider reaching out to legal professionals or ask a free legal question to get a tailored response.

  1. What is the current custody arrangement, if any?
  2. Have any court orders or agreements been established yet?
  3. Is there any history of domestic violence or issues that might impact custody decisions?

Q1: How long does a typical child custody case last?

A typical child custody case can last anywhere from a few months to several years, depending on the complexity and the willingness of both parties to negotiate or compromise.

Q2: Can I represent myself in a child custody case?

Yes, you can choose to represent yourself. However, child custody cases can be complex, and it is generally advised to seek the assistance of a legal professional, especially if the other party has representation.

Q3: Are mediation sessions mandatory before going to court?

In some jurisdictions, mediation sessions are encouraged or even mandatory to help both parties come to a mutual agreement before engaging in a full-blown court battle.

Q4: How are child support payments calculated?

Child support payments are typically calculated based on both parents' incomes, the needs of the child, and the custody arrangement. Each state may have its specific formula.

Q5: Can I modify a child custody order once it's established?

Yes, child custody orders can be modified if there is a significant change in circumstances, and it is in the best interest of the child. This usually requires legal intervention


This content is for informational purposes only and does not establish an attorney-client relationship. It's always recommended to consult with a local attorney about your specific situation.

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