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my insurance set me up with a tow truck driver (they have contracts with local tow companies). TOW TRUCK DRIVER STOLE MY BMW

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First, i just want to thank you for taking the time to read this crazy story and from a total stranger.  i love that you guys care like this.  thank you so much.  also want to thank you for potentially offering advice or direction or maybe even council, so please just read along, forgive my grammar and writing quality at the moment, I am a college graduate and just under so much stress over all this.  im a freaking messs right now.  here we go...….  so my bmw wouldn't start, I have roadside through progressive insurance (full coverage, comprehensive, collision, roadside, injury).  I called progressive and they sent contact info for one of their contracted businesses they work with.  they made all the arrangments and were relaying the driver info to me. The phone number of the driver, matched the phone number on the contact provided by progressive.  first driver couldn't tow my car because we couldn't start it to get vehicle in neutral.  He seems super nice and I thought he was trying to help me fix or start it.  I even offered him dinner with me and my girl, and out of nowere (after 45 minutes and no luck, he literally just walks away and says I cant help you.  it seemed super weird and I was confused as we had been talking and joking around and I really liked the guy. before I can even freak out as he is walking away and no car on tow truck, my phone is ringing and its a woman saying she is from progressive and that she was sorry that driver couldn't help me, but they would set me up with a dolley lift to swoop up my bmw.  that it was all covered under my policy and that it wasn't going to be an issue.  I was so grateful and happy she called me.  I didn't know what I was going to do.  I was very grateful and relaxed a bit.  Later that night, I realized I had a doctor appointment scheduled for the same time as the 2nd tow driver was supposed to meet me.  I call progressive to reschedule, phone operator I talk to says, he had no record showing that I called or had a tow appointment for a dolley lift or any two truck for that matter.  the only record they had was of the first driver that had come out, no record of me setting up the second driver.  I didn't think much of it, I had my car and my keys, so I reschedule for an hour later that morning.  right out the doctor office my phone beeps and its progressive, service center at progressive messaged me about my tow truck driver info.  a few seconds later, my phone rings and its the number provided by progressive so I answer it.  tell this driver where the car is and the issue with car not starting (no crank or anything).  I pull on my street and I see his truck turning at the other end.  I know its him because I called the number that progressive gave me and had to flag him down to show him my car.  the driver says his name is frank and immediately starts asking about the car, he says he has never met a car he couldn't tow and seemed like a big rough type of guy that knows what he is doing.  I know nothing about tow trucks or equipment, but he ended up just dragging it in park up on his flat bed (I about fell over when I saw the drag marks on the road.  I told progressive I needed a dolley lift, that was the point of the 2nd truck obviously, but frank said it would be fine, that this is what we must do and that he does this everyday with no complaints.  I had a contract with progressive to deliver car to a Meineke shop 12 miles away.  Car never makes it there, tow driver doesn't answer at first, then answers and said he had to charge the battery for 24 hours on a slow charge.  I start freaking out and start piecing all this together.  I swear, both companies must have been working together to get my car, the lady that called and said she was from progressive was not, I came to that conclusion as progressive couldn't locate and said I had no record when I ordered the 2nd tow truck and dolley lift.  all these conversations are recorded through progressive.  I don't know how, but im sure they would help strengthen my case.  next day I ask where the car is over the phone, he says he is at doctor and will call me in a couple hours.  that my car is at cardinal auto (I did not give permission).  so im definitely nervous but relax as I was going to check on car after work.  I felt that I had been a victim but didn't want to admit my potential disaster with the car.  I go straight to cardinal auto when I get off work.  To my surprise I find that cardinal auto only sales cars and they don't work on them or know any tow truck drivers matching his description or the name frank and they had never heard about or seen my vehicle.  I call progressive, tell them what was up and they call him.  I called him a bunch of times and it would ring once then go straight to voicemail.  progressive called and he answers and says he didn't remember towing any bmw the day before (even though I had just talked to him that morning and the text literally says.... hey its brian, the guy whos bmw wouldn't start and you towed it yesterday).  then he stops answering progressive too.  I call police and fill out a police report, and that's where im at.  its been over two weeks, haven't heard from the detective, my insurance company hasn't even called and they were talking to me like crazy the night it happened.  I don't know what to do.  Im scared to go outside because the driver knows where I live, I don't trust the insurance company because they shut me out and started on the defense.  I still have no idea where my car is and its been 16 days.  frank the driver knows I called the police, because when he wouldn't answer my calls or texts, I thought that might help.  but apparently not, because I have no voicemails or messages from anyone about anything to do with my car.  I don't like that these people know wnere I live, these guys could hurt me or my girl, insurance hasn't offered a rental, so its been a total nightmare. I have lost all faith in my insurance company and tow drivers and I just want this guy and this type of scam stopped.  this is ridiculous and the driver would only be comfortable enough doing it if they had someone on the inside working for them. 

main points: dec 14th 1st tow attempt isn't possible and car is stuck in park, dec 14th some woman calls claiming to be progressive and schedules better equipment and says its all covered under my roadside policy, dec 14 I call to reschedule dolley lift for an hour later, dec 14 when i called progressive for dolley lift the phone operator told me he had no record of my call or appointment, that he would see if i had any secondary tow or if they called me, so I set another appointment to have it towed at 930am dec 15.  Dec 15 morning around 10AM frank comes and picks up my car, no dolley lift just another flatbed and he drug it onto the flatbed in park, dec 17 he lies and says my car is at cardinal auto, I go to place and talk to owner, vehicle was never there, they felt really bad for me, dec 17 I call progressive, tell them everything, they can't believe it and are on my side and are super involved and making me feel better, that evening on dec 17 a police officer comes to my apartment and I fill out a police report.  that's it.  I haven't heard or talked to anyone since.  not the police, not the tow driver, not my insurance company.  I cant live this way and need help or advice please.  I can't let these guys get away with this, what if it was my girlfriend or mother???

i believe these companies are imposters and all work together.  I say that because I made the mistake of trusting the information that progressive gave me, once I verified the phone number was the one that progressive sent me, I let my guard down.  I believe that the drivers are frauds and don't work for the company that progressive provided in the contact information for the roadside service.  they are not legally allowed to change any of that info on business contact that progressive sends out when customer sets an appointment and obviously they removed the legit tow business phone number and put the imposters phone number in its place so that it would seem legit.  I believe that the woman calling and claiming to be from progressive is in on all of it with them.  they need someone working on the inside to change the contact info.  

I have all of this on my phone, I have pictures of the drag marks on the ground, I have pictures of my car on the back of a flatbed, I have pictures of some dude inside my car ('supposedly working on it), but I think they work together and stole my car and are playing dumb to see what is going to happen.  I just need someone to give direction, if you look at the whole story, plus all the evidence I have through text messages, phone call history, pictures, and also progressive records all conversations.  so that recording would be super helpful from when I talked to them and from when they talked to the driver.  This could be a huge case.  im not letting this go.  I need my car so badly, it was my only one and I worked my whole life for it.  I don't know if I even really want my beautiful baby bmw anymore, now that some criminal has had it for the last 2 weeks and no telling what he has done, if its even still a car.  it might be in a million pieces by now.  I have more details and evidence, im sorry for the quality of the document.  my hands are shaking because of the feelings of fear, panic, not knowing, danger, I cant walk outside without putting on a simple disguise or anything to prevent that driver from recognizing me, I cringe everytime my phone rings, im too scared to answer the door.  this is crazy, I did nothing wrong, my car was stolen, and now im the one that feels like ive done something bad.  I don't trust anyone anymore.  everyone is always trying to hurt others or come up through others misery.  Im a mess and need help please!

i personally want to thank you so very much for reading through all this madness and for trying to help.  I honestly feel that if you take a second to really hear me out, to really look at the evidence I have, and to piece this crazy story together, I think that most will agree.  they give these tow drivers way too much freedom.  its crazy.  im not sure if ill ever call another driver that I don't personally know ever again.  I can't believe how much this has messed me up mentally.  please let me know if you can help or what I should do.  Merry Christmas and happy new years!


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"my insurance set me up with a tow truck driver (they have contracts with local tow companies). TOW TRUCK DRIVER STOLE MY BMW"

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