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if my children were removed from my custody by law enforcement, which I contacted in person while my children were with me in order to report a crime of which there is more than sufficient evidence to substantiate, but it is in spanish, can the

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local law enforcement legally "take custody" from my children based off of the fact that part of the evidence that I am trying to give them at that time was someones meth pipe that was left purposely at my house by someone else, who has been constantly harassing stalking and intimidating my and my children despite the criminal protection order that is in place already, and who had just sent me a text message literally stating t5hat If I didn tcome home and take out the "bad stuff" in my house that I was going to loose my children. Taking into consideration that the person that lleft it there  has managed to manipulate and control every aspect of my life for the past 8 years by constantly putting me into positions where the only option that I possibly had to be able to care and provide for the basic needs for all 8 since they have repeatedly refused to help provide financially if they were not allowed to be afforded a "second chance" again every time I have tried to get us away from the narcissistical torture that person has been inflicting upon me directly and that despite my best efforts and having utilized every resource imaginable to me, to attempt to stop or prevent his ability to do so, including many police reports. Please note that at the first sign that the cop was not in any way shape of form going to even be logical helpful respectful or polite towards me, my 14 yr old son calls my grandmother to come and pick the 8 of them up, because I am asking him to and also because I have already given her the colorado standard form for emergeny temporarty custody for each child and it is notarized and still valid, when she doesn't get there right away he then call my mother which is the last place any sane person would electivly leave their kids, but better than CPS that I was threatened with whenthe cops started being beligerant and making false acusations about me over someones kid running away and everyone saying he was here with my son, which he wasn't and they know that I let them in 11 different times freely and willingly and he was never here, but the cops made a statement that no one would trust "the woman that hid runaways in her house for 3 months" and got mad when I took one step forward without even saying anything when he was already getting ready to go through the car I arrived in and wasn't even in when did so without consent and then because 2 of my smaller children were not in car restrants, which would have been the only way for us all to fit in this particular vehicle and the only one accessible. none of our phones wanted to work here at the house and no other way to get help so I wasn't going to leave any of the kids here alone wither and had not other choice. I only drove about 2 blocks till I found the first cop we saw and then pulled over to try and get help in a situation I was no longer able to ensure control over without possibility of me or my children being harmed physical mentally or emotionall or maybe even all. when I got taken off to jail. my mother and grandmother were already both there and had moved my kids to their vehicles with proper restraints and I asked my mother to assist taking them to my grandmothers house and getting my vehicle moved. I told her not to come to my house with it because before leaving we had heard noises inside and given things that had been poccueeing  along side all of this we tho0ught there might be a possibility that someone was in the house and I didn't want to take any chances since the police refused to investigate..I even stated right them that my grandmother had temp custody forms and asked she care for them until I could bond out, hoping that the following morning I would be granted a PR bond but that if I wasn't, for them to please figu

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 and if that ended up being the case she could take my son to the house and he knew where it was so he could grab it for her since he had the keys...I specifically said not to go to my house so would assume that would mean she wouldn't be allowed to grant anyone else access to my home per the constitution and my son even refused to let her in telling her she wasn't allowed in if I wasn't here to give permission unless she had a warrant, but my mother ended up telling my son that he HAD to let her in

.from my understanding cps didn't show up for atleast another 20 minutes while my kids mother and grandma were told they had to stay there until the lady arrived, then the lady instructed them that they were to drive to my house with her in suit so they could get things for the kids. I got out the next day and go to get my car and kids and am told that I cant go anywhere near any of them or I would go to jail and loose them forever, I told my mother that I didn't care what she was told that she was wrongly informed because there was no court order for cps to take the kids and technically without it they couldn't stop me however knowing I already had one criminal problem at hand now I was not going to be stupid and give any reason for someone to think I was a criminal by trying to argue and take the kids, so I would allow her to keep them with her until someone either showed me an order or served me papers for court or until I had done what I needed to atleast be [rpactive in the other situation......Court was held 2 days later and despite that I wasn't served or even so much as notified as to when and what time I had to keep calling everyday just to see if anyhrting was filed. but I was there...only to have the judge grant a temp custody order AND the filing for the D&N case and it has only gone down hill from there getting worse and them making it impossible for me to even try to comply, lies and sneaky practices....the lawyer I was appointed wouldn't even listen all she just kept telling me basically was that I had to do what they wanted even tho I was trying to ask if we could ask for a dismissal given all the info I had, or if I should send in a response to the D&N summons to atleast have both sides heard since we weren't given a lawyer at the shelter hearing and when I spoke to CPS while I was in jail briefly and asked the charges name of supervisor so I could give to my lawyer, she told me right there that it didn't work that way and even laughed like that was insane, which I know isn't....that I didn't get my own lawyer I had to use one of the 3 on the circuit and the court would appoint one and she wouldn't even tell my supervisors last name, she said that I didn't need it 

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"if my children were removed from my custody by law enforcement, which I contacted in person while my children were with me in order to report a crime of which there is more than sufficient evidence to substantiate, but it is in spanish, can the "

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