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I like to sue Marianne Vandermeer-McMillan for the money she owes me.

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I like to sue Marianne Vandermeer-McMillan for the money she owes me.

She amassed a debt with me, of around $105,242 and each month after August 1st, 2023 this will increase by $1607. As explained below. Plus Court, Lawyer, Travel fees, and telephone costs: July €53, 31 €178,04 August.

Details for outstanding debt:

On May 4th, 2022, Marianne Vandermeer signed a notarized document, stating that she forfeited her alimony.  that I no longer need to pay this and should get the money I overpaid her back.  According to her statement, she lost this, and I didn’t have to pay her  12 x   $700 =$8400 plus any alimony payments I made after August 1st, 2023 of $700. Plus I overpaid her for a currency exchange rate mistake, In the divorce decree it specified US Dollar, but I paid her in Euros or with an exchange rate of, EUR €1 = USD $ 1.13 or $1092

She hasn’t paid her share of the mortgage & property taxes Since January 2023. Her name is on the deed and the mortgage. The property is located in the Netherlands. Total: EUR €4625 for January to September, or 9 * € 500 mortgage & € 125 & property taxes for July and August. With the current exchange rate, EUR €1 = USD $ 1.13 it would be $5226,25. The total mortgage payment each month is EURO €1152.73. To prevent foreclosure, I have been paying the full amount since January 2023. Each month after August will be an additional €563 each month, or with the current exchange rate, EUR €1 = USD $ 1.13 or $636.39.

FYI, the house is underwater by about €25000. Her half would be € 12500. Or her half would be $14125 if the house is going to be foreclosed on. Which is what I desperately try to prevent.

The house is in need of repairs, a total cost of about € 6000. Since she is part owner of the house she should have to pay her half. With the current exchange rate , €1 = USD $ 1.13 is that $3390

She cosigned a loan for kitchen renovations. Her half would be €173. The loan stops at the end of December 2023. I have been paying the loan of €345  in full each month since July, therefore her half should be 6 x €173,  €1 = $ 1.13 or $1172.94

Wells Fargo, Credit Card debt, she doesn't make the agreed-upon payments. I have been paying the minimum due since June of USD $140. The total outstanding debt with Wells Fargo is  $9562.46. Each month after August 1st, her debt will increase by a minimum of $140

Discover, Credit Card debt she hasn't made the agreed-upon payments. Since August 1st, 2023, Total debt $6795.64. (She is 10% in overdraft on this card) each month after August 1th, her debt will increase by a minimum of $131

Then there are several Medical and Vet bills that I paid, totaling about € 533, €1 = $ 1.13 or $603.04, which I paid.

She sold my boat, "Going Dutch" in 2015 and never gave me the proceeds.  $69000.

She signed and notarized a letter, that if she got two credit cards from me (Wells Fargo and Discover) and a car, she would sign the house in the Netherlands over to me. As of this moment, she hasn’t pay the credit cards and has not signed the house over to me. Car value was $3000. Case number with “Stads Advocaten”, translated into “town lawyers” in the Netherlands, case number: [100094_I25959317]

An agreement was signed that she would pay her Credit Card debt each month if I provided her with 2 Credit Cards and a car in the USA, which I did.

Tricked me to go to the States in April 2021 to come to the States to help me with her dog “Reggie” as he was severely sick. The first day in the States she (the Sherriff) with divorce papers. While I had started the divorce process already in the Netherlands. In the Netherlands divorce condition, such alimony is much more favorable as I would have to pay only for half of the time we were married. So instead of having to pay her alimony for life, it would have been half of married life or 18 months.

My credit score has dropped from 780 to 609 due to her fraudulent actions. The downturn started in April 2023.

Fraudulent use of my name and Social Security number in order for her to try to get a loan to buy a house  in Bowling Green, KY

Slander as overheard by David Rikards.

She did the exact same thing to me by not paying BB&T and AMEX in 2014. She promised to never do that again. The debt I incurred was about $20,000 combined with a low credit score till 2021

Just before I left she took almost all furniture and shipped them to the  USA.

She used my Lowes Credit Card unauthorized and bought a Washer and Dryer, about $2200 in charges. I blocked the account and reported it Lowes that it was used fraudulent.

In 2013, she sold my 911 handgun, while I was recovering from a severe accident. ( 4broken ribs, 7 fractured vertebrae, and a bad left shoulder) Cost about $1000

Badmouthing me with neighbors and friends, that I am a liar and can't be trusted, which is exactly what she is.

From the Divorce Degree, she has to remove my last name Vandermeer from her last name and go back to her maiden name McMillan. After 22 months she has not done so.

In 2019 I paid for the majority of her father’s funeral expenses, or about $2438.

She has created extreme financial hardship for me since I am paying for everything now.

She tried to lock me out of our mortgage information at our Bank ABN-AMRO in the Netherlands

I have tried to talk to Marianne, but she is unwilling to speak to me and find a solution and recently blocked me from her email and WhatsApp.

All relevant documents I can provide upon request.

My contact information:

A.G. Vandermeer

Skerwald 28

8618NE Oosthem

The Netherlands

Tel: + 31 600 468 555


My contact information after November 15, 2023:

548 Carmil Drive

Selma,  NC 27576


Tel: To be determined.


Marianne’s contact information:

116 Sellhorn

New Bern, NC 28562


Tel: 270-938-9919


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Legal Solution

The response provided below is specific to civil litigation & trial law attorneys in the jurisdiction of New Bern. If the response is inadequate, please submit a detailed inquiry.

Legal Analysis of Financial and Contractual Obligations between Two Parties

In the complex scenario detailed above, one party alleges a myriad of financial improprieties, breaches of agreements, and possible fraudulent actions against another. The broad categories here encompass breaches of written agreements, real property disputes, personal property allegations, unauthorized debt incurrence, slander, and fraudulent behavior.

Relevant Statutes and Legal References:

Potential Solutions:

  1. Contractual Breaches: Considering the notarized agreements and other written contracts, they should be upheld in a court of law. The party may wish to pursue a breach of contract claim in the relevant jurisdiction.
  2. Real Property Disputes: The dispute over the mortgage, taxes, and the physical state of the house in the Netherlands requires intervention by local Dutch legal authorities. A Dutch property lawyer should be consulted.
  3. Credit Card Debts: If there's evidence showing the agreement regarding payment of debts, and breach thereof, you can approach the card issuer and potentially pursue legal action for the recovery of said debts.
  4. Slander and Personal Injury: Claims of defamation or slander can be complex and might necessitate the involvement of personal injury lawyers.
  5. Fraudulent Behavior: Unauthorized use of personal data for loans or credit card transactions is a grave matter. The party may want to report this to both local law enforcement and relevant financial institutions.
  6. International Discrepancies: Given that some of the issues span both the U.S. and the Netherlands, it may be beneficial to seek legal advice in both jurisdictions. You might want to compare lawyers in your area specializing in international law.

Cost Estimation:

Legal Services Average Price (USD)
Contract Law Consultation $350
Real Property Law Consultation (NL) $450
Credit Card Dispute Resolution $275
Personal Injury Lawyer Consultation $400
Fraud-Related Legal Consultation $500

Please note: The prices above are average estimations and may vary based on the complexity of the case and the experience of the lawyer.

Clarification & Call to Action:

It's crucial to collate all evidence related to the mentioned claims to bolster your legal position. Have you documented every alleged incident, especially the agreements and any breach thereof? For an in-depth legal analysis tailored to your situation, it's imperative to find the right lawyer.

Relevant Questions:

  1. Evidence Collection: Do you have all original copies of the notarized documents, agreements, and any other form of written communication between both parties?
  2. Witnesses: Has anyone, aside from David Rikards, witnessed any of the alleged actions or heard verbal agreements?
  3. Legal Proceedings: Have you initiated any legal actions in either the U.S. or the Netherlands related to these claims?

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Q: Can I sue for breach of contract in the U.S. for a contract signed in the Netherlands? A: It depends on the jurisdiction clause in the contract. However, international cases can be complex and might require legal action in both countries.

  2. Q: How do I prove slander or defamation? A: Proving defamation typically requires showing that a false statement was made publicly, it caused harm, and it wasn't a protected form of speech.

  3. Q: What actions can I take if someone fraudulently uses my credit card? A: Immediate actions include reporting the unauthorized activity to the credit card company, monitoring your credit reports, and considering legal action against the perpetrator.

  4. Q: Can I recover money from unauthorized sales of personal property? A: If you can prove ownership and that the sale was unauthorized, you might be able to recover either the asset or its monetary value.

  5. Q: What's the difference between a personal loan and a co-signed loan in terms of liability? A: With a co-signed loan, both signatories are equally responsible for the debt. If one party defaults, the other is liable for the remaining balance.


This content is for informational purposes only and does not establish an attorney-client relationship. It's always recommended to consult with a local attorney about your specific situation.

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"I like to sue Marianne Vandermeer-McMillan for the money she owes me."

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