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I need to know what can be done about officers violating my rights

On Saturday January 25th 2020 me and a passenger in my car was leaving Walmart when my car was pulled over. As I pulled over the passenger jumped out and ran. The cop car that was pulling me over went around me in pursuit of the passenger the jumped out and so did an additional silver Ford F-150 pickup truck which turned out to be an unmarked police vehicle I hold my car out of traffic and when I did the two officers turn their guns on me screaming get my hands in the air or they will shoot. I fully complied with no resistance at all with every command they asked me to do. I got out of the car and was placed in handcuffs and as the cuffs was being put on I asked the officer why am I being placed under arrest. He informed me that I was not being placed under arrest that I was being put in cuffs because my "homeboy" jumped out and ran. I told him that had nothing to do with me but he just told me that I was being held until the suspect was caught. He then placed me in the backseat of a separate police cruiser and I asked again am I being placed under arrest and when I was told no again I said I do not feel comfortable being placed in the back of that vehicle if I'm not under arrest and they told me to shut up and get in after sitting in the back of the cruiser for roughly an hour, the police overheard the call on the radio saying that the suspect was spotted and that there were other police officers in pursuit and when he heard this he slammed his door closed put his SUV cruiser in reverse and pulled out leaving my car on the side of the road and leaving me in the backseat with no seatbelt and in handcuffs of his cruiser and taking off at high rates of speed to offer his assistance in pursuit that really wasn't necessary. I informed the officer as he drove at high rates of speed and hitting the brakes to make sharp turns that him driving like that I was pretty sure was illegal and that he was making my hand cuts hurt even worse by slinging me around in the seat and I asked him did he understand that this was illegal. He informed me that I would be okay just to hold tight and shut up. After roughly 2 hours of being held like this they finally catch the suspect and instead of immediately releasing me like they said they held me in the car while my vehicle was searched without permission and then after that they unhandcuffed me and tried to tell me sorry that I had to go through that. What can I do about this?

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"I need to know what can be done about officers violating my rights"

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