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How to get a mobile home off my property

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   I sold my doublewide mobile home to a lady on May 6,2022, she saw a fb ad from a lady that was listing it for me. She said she needed 30 days to move it. I said that was fine. They split it moved one half and the back end sagged. So they needed another axle welded on the back for support. The welder done it and the mover said it was done wrong, but the welder said he would need more money to come back out to fix it. The buyer said she wasn’t paying him anymore. It’s now going on 90 days since the sel and i have a section of trailer in my driveway, and another in the spot where i am putting my new trailer. I have sent several messages asking when they can get it moved cause I’m going to loose my loan for my new trailer, they’ve done extended it for me once. They needed trees cut to get out of the driveway and i had that done the next day of them asking. Now she says she’s going to talk to a lawyer, she wants her money back. I told her that it was an as is dale it was in the post. In the last couple of months that this trailer has been split apart it’s rained a lot and thier plastic on the two sections has fallen. They have done ripped up the flooring and a few panels of wall have fallen i am guessing from the weather. What can i do to have this removed off of my property so that i can clean the mess they made for example never cut the power lines and pulled my meter box off the pole, didn’t disconnect plumbing so there are pipes broken everywhere. I just need it gone.

Legal Solution

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Unresolved Mobile Home Sale: Navigating the Legal Quagmire

The situation described reveals a complicated scenario where the sale of a mobile home has resulted in a prolonged period of uncertainty and potential damage. The core issues involve an unfinished removal process, potential damages to the property, and the buyer seeking a refund.

Relevant Legal Codes

  • Personal Property Law: Governs the sale and ownership of movable property.
  • Real Estate Law: Pertains to property rights, including the removal or placement of fixtures on a property.
  • Contract Law: Relates to the agreement of the sale and any written or verbal promises made.
  • Government website on Property Law

Potential Solutions

  1. Document Everything: Ensure you have a record of all communications, photos of the property before and after the sale, and any other evidence of the buyer's actions or lack thereof.
  2. Seek Mediation: Before resorting to litigation, consider arbitration and mediation attorneys to help resolve the dispute amicably.
  3. Engage a Property Attorney: If the situation does not resolve, find the right lawyer specializing in property law to advise on next steps.
  4. Removal of the Mobile Home: If you acquire the legal right to remove the mobile home, ensure you use licensed professionals to avoid further damage.
  5. Insurance Claim: Check if your homeowner's insurance covers any damage caused during the mobile home removal.

Average Costs in Kokomo

Service Average Cost
Mediation $2000 - $5000
Property Attorney Consultation $300 - $500
Mobile Home Removal $4000 - $7000
Damage Repair $1000 - $3000
Legal Proceedings $5000 - $15,000

Kokomo's legal rates might vary based on the complexity of the case and the experience of the professional involved.

Further Information Needed

To fully understand your rights and the potential remedies available, more details about the sale agreement and any written contracts are crucial. Additionally, knowledge about whether any deposit was taken, any written agreement on the timeline for removal, and any warranties or representations made during the sale could be pivotal.

Questions for You:

  1. Was there a written contract for the sale, and if so, what were the specific terms?
    • This will determine your legal position and potential remedies.
  2. Did you take any deposit from the buyer?
    • This might affect the buyer's commitment to the deal.
  3. Were any guarantees or warranties given regarding the condition of the mobile home at the time of sale?
    • This can influence claims of "as is" sale.

Q1: Can I remove the mobile home myself if the buyer does not act?

No, removing the mobile home without legal authorization may lead to legal repercussions. It's essential to consult with a property attorney and understand your rights and potential remedies.

Q2: Who is responsible for the damages caused during the removal process?

Typically, the party responsible for the removal would be liable. However, this can vary based on any written agreements or local regulations.

Q3: Can the buyer legally ask for a refund months after the purchase?

It depends on the sale agreement and any warranties provided. If sold "as is," the buyer generally assumes the risk. However, specific terms or local consumer protection laws might affect this.

Q4: What if I can't afford legal representation?

Many areas, including Kokomo, have legal aid services for those with limited means. Alternatively, you might consider asking a free legal question online or seeking advice from local law clinics.

Q5: How can I prevent such complications in future property sales?

Always have a written agreement detailing the terms of the sale, responsibilities of each party, and timelines. Consult with a property attorney before finalizing any deal to ensure your interests are protected.

Remember, while this guide provides an overview, each case is unique. It's crucial to compare lawyers in your area to ensure you get the best representation for your specific situation.


This content is for informational purposes only and does not establish an attorney-client relationship. It's always recommended to consult with a local attorney about your specific situation.

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