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Legal Implications of Probation Violation and Inter-state Warrant Issuance


My husband went to Tennesse 5 people tried to  beat him he went to his apartment and got a rifle shot it into the ceiling to scare them. Got put on Probation we live in North Carolina so they let him change to His Probation to Alamance County,  His PO here put him in jail bc he moved without letting them know.  So while he was in jail he got in trouble so he got sent to prison.  Mr Powell which was his PO tried to let Tennessee know that he was getting out and Tennessee was supposed to come get him.  They didnt so he was let out then he was on 9 months parole.   When he was getting off parole Mr Powell let Tennessee know again they said let him go so know its been 7 years since all this happened and he got put back on Probation a d they sent a warrant in April to get him so he wentto see his PO and they put him in Jail. May 10th.  His Court case is June 12 th.  They said he Ran and he did not. I really need help.


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Review and Contextual Analysis of the Legal Query

The legal conundrum you're dealing with involves a complex probation case spanning multiple jurisdictions, specifically between Alamance County, North Carolina and Sevierville, Tennessee. It appears that your husband, who was originally put on probation in Tennessee, had his probation transferred to North Carolina. After being incarcerated for an unrelated incident, there seems to have been a miscommunication about his release and subsequent probation status. Now, after seven years, the original warrant from Tennessee has been executed, resulting in his re-arrest.

Potential Solutions

In order to handle this complex situation, you need a skilled criminal defense attorney who has experience handling cases that span multiple jurisdictions. A good place to start would be to compare lawyers in your area to see who would best serve your husband's case. This might involve looking into their respective backgrounds, areas of specialization, and knowledge of interstate probation cases. A great attorney will understand the nuances of laws across different cities and states and will be able to strategize based on the unique specifics of your husband's situation.

In parallel, gather all the relevant documentation about the case, including any proof showing that your husband did not abscond from his probation responsibilities. These documents could be vital in proving his innocence.

Estimate Costs

Keep in mind that attorney fees can vary significantly, usually depending on the type of law, location, and complexity of the case. To give you a rough idea of costs, consider the following estimated rates:

Legal Service Estimated Cost
Initial Consultation $100 - $200
Case Review and Assessment $500 - $2,000
Representation in Court $2,000 - $10,000
Negotiations with the other state $1,000 - $5,000

Remember these are just estimates and actual prices could be higher or lower depending on various factors.

Request for Further Information and Next Steps

Your situation is undoubtedly complex, and the best course of action would be to find the right lawyer for your husband's case. If you are uncertain about certain aspects of the case or the steps to take, do not hesitate to ask a free legal question.

Essential Questions to Consider

To provide more specific advice, here are a few questions:

  1. Do you have any documentation or correspondence regarding the probation case?
  2. Was there any legal counsel involved in the initial case?
  3. What were the exact terms of his probation?

The answers to these questions could provide valuable insights to help guide the legal process.

Legal Disclaimer

Please note that this advice is purely informational and should not be taken as legal advice. No attorney-client relationship has been formed through this communication. Always consult with a licensed attorney in your area to discuss your specific legal situation.

Complex Probation Case Spanning Multiple Jurisdictions

This is a rather complicated case involving probation conditions and their transference across state lines. The individual in question, the reviewer's husband, was initially charged in Tennessee and had his probation transferred to North Carolina. A failure to communicate an address change resulted in imprisonment, and a subsequent infraction while in custody led to additional sentencing. His probation officer in North Carolina attempted to notify Tennessee authorities when his release was approaching, but Tennessee did not take him into custody at that time. The husband was released, and after serving a nine-month parole, was freed completely. However, seven years after these events, he was put back on probation and a warrant for his arrest was issued by Tennessee, accusing him of running.

Proposed Solution: Legal Assistance for Probation Case

This scenario would benefit from expert legal advice, given its complexity. A knowledgeable criminal defense attorney experienced with probation cases across multiple jurisdictions would be invaluable. You can compare lawyers in your area to find the right lawyer that fits your needs and ask a free legal question.

Estimated Rates for Legal Services in Sevierville, Tennessee

Type of Law Base Rate (per hour) Experience Surcharge Total Estimate
Criminal Defense $200 $50 per 5 years experience $250 - $450
Probation Law $180 $40 per 5 years experience $220 - $420

Please note, these are only estimates and real prices may vary based on lawyer's skills, experience and location.

Pros and Cons

Positive aspects include the diligent attempts by the North Carolina probation officer to keep Tennessee informed of the husband's status. A negative aspect is the alleged miscommunication between different state jurisdictions, which led to a warrant being issued years later.

Legal Disclaimer

Please remember, this advice does not constitute a legal consultation, and no attorney-client relationship has been formed. It's always recommended to consult with a local attorney for accurate advice tailored to your situation.

Review Summary

The reviewer is seeking help for her husband who is accused of running from probation, a charge they deny. Key facts from the review include the husband's initial charge and probation in Tennessee, the transfer of his probation to North Carolina, and the subsequent arrest warrant issued by Tennessee seven years later.

Request for More Information

To better assist with this situation, we need additional information. What were the specific terms of your husband's probation? Did he receive any formal communication about the warrant prior to his arrest in April?

Relevant Questions for Reviewer

  1. Could you provide more details about the nature of the initial charges in Tennessee?
  2. What was the exact nature of the infraction committed while your husband was in jail in North Carolina?
  3. Has there been any legal representation involved thus far in the case?

These questions are essential to gaining a deeper understanding of your husband's legal situation. The answers could provide key insights for devising a suitable legal strategy.

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Legal Solution

The response provided below is specific to Criminal defense attorney in the jurisdiction of Sevierville, Tennessee. If the response is inadequate, please submit a detailed inquiry.

Legal Implications of Probation Violation and Inter-state Warrant Issuance

Your husband's case touches on several legal issues, most notably the violation of probation conditions and the subsequent issuance of an out-of-state warrant. When a probation condition is breached, especially regarding location changes without informing the probation officer, it can lead to severe consequences. The fact that Tennessee issued a warrant after a considerable time has passed complicates the situation further.

Relevant Legal Provisions

Potential Solutions

To effectively address this situation:

  1. Hire a Local Attorney: Ideally, you should find a criminal defense lawyer experienced in interstate warrant and probation violation cases. They can better understand the complexities and advocate on your husband's behalf. Consider using this platform to compare lawyers in your area.
  2. Challenge the Warrant: The lawyer can potentially challenge the validity of the Tennessee warrant, given the significant time lapse and the previous notifications made by Mr. Powell.
  3. Show Good Faith: Present evidence that your husband was not trying to evade his responsibilities. The previous notifications by his probation officer might support this claim.
  4. Negotiate with Tennessee: It might be possible to negotiate a resolution with Tennessee's legal authorities, potentially leading to a lesser sentence or alternative arrangements.
  5. Explore Alternative Sentencing: If the court is convinced of your husband's remorse and the genuine misunderstanding, they might consider alternative sentencing options.

Estimated Legal Costs in Sevierville, Tennessee

Legal Service Average Price
Initial Consultation $250
Probation Violation Representation $2,500 - $5,000
Inter-state Warrant Case Representation $3,500 - $7,000
Legal Negotiations with Authorities $1,200 - $2,500

Please note, these are estimated figures. Costs can vary significantly based on the lawyer's experience, complexity of the case, and other factors.

Clarification and Next Steps

While the information provided gives a broad overview of the situation, it's essential to delve deeper into specifics to get the best outcome for your husband. This involves understanding the exact terms of his probation, the details surrounding his incarceration, and the exact communications with Mr. Powell.

It would be beneficial to ask a free legal question or directly consult with a criminal defense lawyer in Tennessee.

Important Questions

  • Was there any written agreement or communication that can prove Mr. Powell informed Tennessee authorities?
  • Were there any other conditions of the probation that might have been violated?
  • Has your husband had any other legal issues in Tennessee or North Carolina since the initial incident?

Q1: What are the consequences of violating probation in Tennessee?

The consequences can vary based on the nature of the violation and prior criminal history. Typical outcomes include extended probation, hefty fines, mandatory counseling, and even imprisonment.

Q2: Can the time elapsed (7 years in this case) play a role in defending against the out-of-state warrant?

It might. The defense can argue that Tennessee had multiple opportunities to execute the warrant but chose not to. This could potentially weaken the prosecution's case.

Q3: How do inter-state warrants work?

When a warrant is issued in one state for a person believed to be in another state, the issuing state can request the other state's assistance in apprehending the individual.

Q4: Can a probation officer's testimony help in the defense?

Absolutely. If Mr. Powell testifies that he informed Tennessee authorities, it can bolster the claim that your husband did not intentionally evade his responsibilities.

Q5: Is it possible to have the probation transferred back to North Carolina?

It can be possible based on the Interstate Compact for Adult Offender Supervision. However, both states (the sending and the receiving) must agree to the transfer.


This content is for informational purposes only and does not establish an attorney-client relationship. It's always recommended to consult with a local attorney about your specific situation.

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