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How to collect on my billed services for a load (trucking) already moved and delivered

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I am an owner/operator (trucking), leased to a large company in PA.  Thru this company, I booked and moved an over-dimensional load (February 2023 - June 2023) using the legal, normal and accepted routines in booking a load. 

Because of the load being over-dimensional load ("super load" due to extreme dimensions), it is normal to expect changes and delays in receiving state permits, scheduling of pilot cars, utility trucks, weather, weekend and night/evening curfews, and law enforcement/trooper availability; the shipper/customer agreed to paying $900 per day to the truck for every day of delays occurring between load date and delivery, the only exception to this would be "failure" of my equipment (breakdown), etc. (events that I directly would be responsible for).   Also included in that agreement would be detention/delay for all pilot cars involved in downtime days, and utility truck services.

The product was loaded on Monday, February 6, 2023; and delivered Friday, June 9, 2023.   All bills for movement, pilot cars, etc were submitted for payment immediately upon delivery.  There were approximately 106 days of non-movement/detention eligible for payment. 

My company FINALLY paid me approximately $8,000 on Friday, December 22, 2023, for "line haul,. . . " and nothing on detention.   My further inquiry into shortages of payment, I was informed by my company that the shipper/customer has decided NOT to pay any detention - saying that they "understood" that the load would have been delivered within 6 days of loading. . . "   (that short time frame was NOT possible nor reasonable .. and would have NEVER been agreed upon by the drivers, or utility truck company.

Not only have I NOT been paid, the second truck on this project move has also NOT been paid; in addition, the utility truck company has also NOT been paid a dime for any services rendered (their bill is approximately $240,000).  The utility company has since filed suit in federal court for non-payment of services rendered.  

According to the settlement department of my company, all of our pilot cars have been paid, state troopers have been paid, permits and permitting company has been paid.  The pilot cars were also on detention and unable to move because of lack of trooper availability, weather, delays in permitting, etc. and to my knowledge HAVE been paid in full.

I am looking for legal advice and representation on recovery of settlement in full for all of my services rendered on this load.  I am unsure as to "who" is liable for payment -- my company first, then the shipper/customer if they have not paid, etc.  My company is giving me the "run-around" and I am unsure as to whether the detention invoice has even been submitted to the shipper/customer; or whether my company has received full settlement, and is just sitting on our funds.  I need help.  Thank you.


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Legal Solution

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Legal Analysis of Non-Payment for Trucking Services

Understanding the Legal Context

Your situation involves potential breaches of contract and issues related to the transportation and trucking industry. In Ohio, the relevant laws would typically include contract law principles and specific regulations pertaining to the trucking and freight industry. Unfortunately, as an AI, I can't provide direct links to specific statutes, but you may find the Ohio Revised Code (Ohio Laws and Rules) and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR) useful for general guidance. Additionally, consulting a lawyer who specializes in transportation law or contract disputes is advisable.

Possible Solutions to Recover Unpaid Fees

  1. Review Your Contract: Examine the terms of the agreement between you, your leasing company, and the shipper. The contract should outline the conditions for payment, including detention charges.

  2. Negotiate with Your Leasing Company: As you're leased to a large company in PA, it's crucial to clarify their role in this dispute. They might have a contractual obligation to ensure you're paid.

  3. Legal Action: If negotiations fail, consider legal action. This might involve filing a lawsuit for breach of contract against the party responsible for the payment – possibly the shipper or your leasing company.

  4. Mediation or Arbitration: If your contract includes a clause for alternative dispute resolution, you might need to pursue mediation or arbitration.

  5. Federal Court Suit: Given the utility company's existing federal court suit, joining this lawsuit or filing a separate action might be an option, especially if the dispute involves interstate commerce.

Average Costs and Price Variations in Ohio

Service Average Cost in Ohio % Difference from National Average
Contract lawyer consultation $250/hr +10%
Filing a lawsuit in state court $300 - $500 +5%
Arbitration services $1,500 - $3,000 +15%
Mediation services $1,000 - $2,000 +20%
Transportation law specialist fees $350/hr +15%

Ohio might have slightly higher costs for legal services, especially in specialized areas like transportation law, due to the state's significant trucking and freight industry.

Complexity of Trucking Payment Disputes

  1. Case Study 1: Breach of Contract: A trucker wasn't paid detention fees. Solution: File a lawsuit for breach of contract, providing evidence of the agreed terms and non-payment.

  2. Case Study 2: Dispute Over Terms: A disagreement over the interpretation of contract terms related to payment schedules. Solution: Seek mediation to clarify and negotiate terms, possibly resulting in an amended agreement.

  3. Case Study 3: Third-Party Involvement: A leasing company fails to pay the trucker, blaming the shipper for non-payment. Solution: Investigate the contractual obligations of each party and potentially file a joint lawsuit against the non-paying party.

Relevant Questions for the User

  1. Do you have a written contract or agreement that outlines the terms of payment, including the detention fee arrangement?

  2. Have you communicated formally with your leasing company and the shipper about the non-payment, and what responses have you received?

  3. Are there any clauses in your contract regarding dispute resolution, such as mandatory arbitration or mediation?

Common Legal Questions in Trucking Disputes

Q1: Who is legally responsible for paying the truck driver - the leasing company or the shipper?

In most cases, the responsibility for payment depends on the terms of the contract between the truck driver, the leasing company, and the shipper. The contract should specify who is liable for payment under different circumstances.

Q2: Can a truck driver sue for unpaid detention fees?

Yes, a truck driver can sue for unpaid detention fees if there is a breach of contract. The driver must prove the terms of the agreement and that the other party failed to comply with those terms.

Q3: What evidence is needed to prove a breach of contract in a trucking payment dispute?

Evidence might include the contract or agreement, communication records (emails, letters), logs or records showing services rendered, and any other documentation supporting the claim of non-payment.

Q4: Is mediation a viable option for resolving trucking payment disputes?

Mediation can be an effective way to resolve disputes, particularly if both parties are open to negotiation. It's often faster and less expensive than litigation.

Q5: How does one join an existing lawsuit, like the utility company's suit in federal court?

To join an existing lawsuit, the party seeking to join must file a motion to intervene, showing their interest in the case is significant and that their presence is necessary for a fair resolution. This is often done with the assistance of a lawyer.

For further assistance and to compare lawyers in your area who specialize in trucking and transportation law, please consider using legal directories and referral services.


This content is for informational purposes only and does not establish an attorney-client relationship. It's always recommended to consult with a local attorney about your specific situation.

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A professional and positive image reflecting the legal issue of a trucking owner/operator seeking payment for services rendered in moving an over-dimensional load. The scene includes a sunny landscape with an open road, symbolizing the journey of the truck. In the foreground, there's a desk with legal documents, a laptop displaying a law firm's website, and a model truck representing the owner/operator's vehicle. The truck model is detailed, showing its size and capability for handling large loads. The colo...

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