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Criminalization of individuals with severe psychiatric disorders! How can I get information on helping my brother?

I'm not exactly sure what help I need or where I need to start. My brother is currently incarcerated in Decatur, MS @ the Sheriff's office. He has been charged with multiple counts of breaking into a storage facility. He has been in and out of jail since he was very young. We were not aware of the mental issues that he had until several years ago. While incarcerated at the same location, they sent him for a mental evaluation because his symptoms began to progress. They took him before Judge Marcus Gordon and he ordered the county to send him to a mental health facility for treatment and stated that he was unfit to stand trial. The current Sheriff at the time never sent him for his treatment. Instead he held him for over two years in solitary confinement to the point that when he was finally able to have a visit, his hair was halfway down his back and his facial hair was nearly to his chest. Instead of sending him for his treatment AGAIN, they sent him to Lauderdale County ( without his medication) to face some charges there. His court appointed attorney ordered him to stay quiet and not mention the mental hold. He instructed him to just answer YES or NO while in front of the Judge.

They convinced him to sign a plea deal giving him 10 yrs. He was released at some point ( without his medication). He then committed the offense that he is charged with now. The charges now are not legitimate charges. He did break into a couple storage units, they have him on camera, he was there for 20 minutes and now they're trying to say that he broke into 12 units. There's no way that he could have done that in a 20 minute period. Cutting the locks , going through the units, and then replacing the locks. That is far fetched for anyone. But that doesn't matter in Newton County....This is not the first time they've tried to pin crimes on him. My mother is determined to fight this because they are trying to give him 49 yrs for this...which is ridiculous for several reasons but the main reason is that he has been diagnoses with several different mental issues that began when he was a very young child. He has self medicated with drugs since the age of 10/12. While on the proper medication, he is a totally different person, the person he should be. When he is not, he lives in a different reality than we do. How can we get help? What can we do?

Quick reply - criminalization of individuals with severe mental issues:

Hello, thank you for your question related to criminal defense, arrest and jailing people with mental Illness.

Criminalization of individuals with severe psychiatric disorders is a major problem. Once in jail, many individuals don't receive the treatment they need. 

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"Criminalization of individuals with severe psychiatric disorders! How can I get information on helping my brother? "

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