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How can i get 2 felony drug charges (same day) reduced & expunged

Location: Minnesota  |  Law type: Criminal defense attorney

* 7/21 Was randomly  pulled over-claiming plates didn't match vehicle.

* Vehicle situation-Last year 2021 purchased an 2010 Nissan Murano from a friend of my boyfriend. Wrote up & signed bill of sale, gave us her driver's license as we gave her money before receiving the title. She gave us her license as she claimed to return the following day. Never happened. Expired tabs, without title, was not able to purchase current  tabs. Set that vehicle aside until we received the title or our money back. There's more to the story surrounding  that vehicle. Will provide upon request.

* Purchased a different  vehicle from a dealership 2008 Ford Escape.

* July 12, driving the Ford into work unable to avoid hitting  a pot hole damaging the vehicle-unable to drive.

* In the meantime my boyfriend  would drive me back & forth to work (20.5) miles while he tried to repair the Ford.

* Unable to figure out the repairs, electric vehicle, needed  a code reader. Couldn't afford the code reader needed  as it cost more money than we actually  paid for the vehicle. Searching to buy used one, or borrow  one from somebody.

* Tired of commuting  me back & forth to work as it took too much time out of his day searched for an alternative. 7/16 my weekend  to work, claimed he wasn't going  to drive me any longer. Unable to take public transportation as they discontinued routes out to Stillwater. He pulls out the Murano and asked if I had a better choice. He told me, quote on quote "You want to get to work, you have no other choice". I fought the decision tooth & nail. "what about the plates & tabs, I ask". He replied.we'll take them of the ford and put on the murano. "Can we do that I asked", because I don't think it's legal. I told him that I did not want to do that. He claimed to have other plates and showed me them and claimed they shouldn't give me any trouble. I still wasn't comfortable but drove the murano.

* I was extremely busy at work during that time. I'm a Housekeeper for a Nursing Home in Stillwater working a lot of hours at the time. There's 5 employees working in laundry & Housekeeping. 1 individual was out with Covid and 2 had quit their jobs to work somewhere else. That left just me, the only housekeeper and my Supervisor, which she was responsible for another facility as well as ours. Frantic and worried  day to day about work never noticed the plates he showed me and claimed to put on the car. Boyfriend of 10 yrs, trusted what he said he was gonna do.


*7/21 Was randomly stopped as they ran my plates on the road and found they didn't match the Murano.

*Police Officer asked if the vehicle was mine. I responded yes and explained a little  bit about the situation with the title. Then he asked me where the plates came from. I was silent for a minute as I was trying to think if I saw which ones he had put on. I told the officer  my boyfriend put them on. He claimed to want to used the ones from my current vehicle I was driving, but I wasn't at all in agreement. I honestly didn't know what plates were put on. The officer was really riding my ass about it, therefore, at that point & time, thought it obvious plates were in my name so guessed plates came from ford. As they did. Officer was going to write me a ticket for tax evasion. ( I didn't fully understand what that meant). I thought to myself."why would they bring my tax information in on this." Was too scared to ask. They were also going to tow the Murano as I did not have insurance on it. I was fully  insured on the ford, but hadn't switch the information over yet to my insurance company. Again, I really didn't feel comfortable driving the car to begin with, therefore, didn't hurry to take the insurance off the ford and put it on the murano. We're talking a short amount of driving the murano before getting pulled over. The officer  even noticed insurance paper's  on the passenger  seat and made a comment  asking if that was the correct insurance info. I had placed it on the seat that morning as a reminder  of needing  to take care of it. (either during a break at work, or when i got home that evening). But it was a reminder that was going to be taken care of when I got home. Didn't make it though.

* Officer proceeded to inform me that I was going to be charged with Tax Evasion. He asked how I would be getting home while they were waiting for tow truck to come get my vehicle. He asked if i wanted to get anything out of the vehicle right now before towed and I responded yes and grabbed a few things. I told him I would cross the highway by stop light to the McDonald's where I would call my boyfriend to come get me. As I started to walk they asked if it would be ok to search my vehicle. What possessed them to want to do that in the first place, I didn't know. I said yes' only because I thought as a general rule of them that if you didn't agree further consequences would occur. Besides that I didn't think there was anything in the vehicle to be worried about.

* I was wrong. Walking away, heard them call me back to the car. They had found a baggy with what appeared  to be Methamphetamine  resin in it. "I dunno, I said, then grabbed my purse from me and asked if there was anything in there that they shld know about. I didn't answer right away because he was still talking. "If there is something Kelli, Now is the time to say there is." I said yes'.there are 2 meth pipes in my purse with resin in them. They continued to search my vehicle and looked in a bag of mine that contained a pill bottle and took something out and asked what it was. I admitted  it was a piece/char of meth. I seriously had no idea that was even there as we had just moved from one apt to another apt complex-same management and had stuff in my vehicle i hadn't taken out of the ford yet to put into the house. My boyfriend personally  towed my ford vehicle to where the murano was located and I took everything out of the ford and put it in the murano. Moving at the time also, shoved a whole lot into my car, not necessarily  paying attention to what it all was.

* I was handcuffed, put in the back of the squad and brought to jail. I was booked  & released-no bail. And I received no paperwork when I left, but was reminded of the tax evasion charge, and now drug charges were going to be added as well. As soon as my boyfriend appeared, I left.

* Tried to obtain POLICE REPORT ON LINE. WAS DETERMINED TO FIGURE  OUT. "WHY THE DAMN SEARCH HAPPENED". NOTHING  HAPPENED  FOR THAT TO TAKE PLACE.'  I wasn't able to retrieve the report as it claimed to be pending. I waited a few more days and tried again. Still pending. Then I decided to go retrieve it on my lunch time. I found the report wasn't available as it was transferred  to the county prosecutor  as it was going to be their decision was the charges would be.

* I received the paper work in the mail on 8/17. I have been working my butt off to find a lawyer. This is my first offense with drugs that i didn't understand some of the paper work. Then my boyfriend and other people claimed "not to worry that I wasn't probably going to be charged". If I was it was surely going to be a slap on the wrist. My boyfriend was giving me difficulty  because I was spending so much time on the computer and my phone trying to research what my paperwork all entailed. I found differently  than what others were telling  me "Not to Worry" and that I NEEDED  TO BE WORRYING  AND VERY MUCH SO. I am certain I will be charged 1 or 2 felons. I can't have a felon charge as I'm afraid it will potentially  cost me my job of 10 years. (just received employee of the month). The Nurse's and Nurse's Aide's nominated me. I witnessed  a former employee, in our dept lose her job as a felon showed up later in her background  check after hired.

*I'm terrified!! I don't want to lose my job. I'll do whatever is necessary  to avoid felon charges. This is my first offense.  What are my options, where do I stand, what's going to happen? Meanwhile, court is not far away. 9/15. I feel as though with such a short window and by listening  to the wrong individuals tell me not to worry, where in fact, i shld of stuck to my gut feeling  and WORRIED. I'm besides myself, angry with myself, and i'm very scared.  Thank you so much for taking the time to read all of this. I do appreciate  your time.

* I'm hoping to retain legal aide. i do work but don't make a whole lot of money to hire a lawyer. And I do not want one appointed  to me the day of court. Because they work with the Prosecutors and know the outcome will turn out extremely bad.  Please help!

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"How can i get 2 felony drug charges (same day) reduced & expunged"

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