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Dental rights - Dental Malpractice and Patient Rights in Detroit

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I recently had some work done by a dentist- i am displeased with his work and feel taken advantage of. I had to get a root canal and crown on a front tooth which had cracked and a small portion of the tooth was lost causing me to need a root canal since it was broken down to the pulp. I have had issues with this dentist office acting in a unprofessional manner already- as they told me i needed to go to the Dental school and then (at first) refused to write me a doctor's note. I had to call back several times about the note and then i was treated as if i was somehow at fault. I think the dentist is taking advantage of me and i think he overcharged me for the work. The crown for my tooth was supposed to be gold but i am almost 100% certain he used a cheap alloy, bevause it doesnt look like gold ( i have another actual gold tooth on the other side and there is a vast difference in both color & quality.) -the new tooth also gives off a slightly metallic taste- which is concerning to me as well. Furthermore the new tooth does not fit properly. i told him that as soon as he installed it but he laughed it off and again was very dismissive of my concerns. I am dissatisfied by the service i have received. I believe that i was over charged and that he got a cheaper alloy so he could pocket more of the money from the procedure. I am specially upset bc i had to pay for the entire tooth out of pocket which was my entire income tax check and was v expensive. I am not happy with the treatment i have been receiving from the dentist and he does not seem to care. He and his staff have been dismissive of me the entire time and treat me as if im being overly demanding wheras it's my tooth and i believe i have rights to have the procedure done properly. He has silenced my concerns every step of the way. I have had issues with dental malpractice several times before. i am tired of being taken advantage of by dentists tryin to make a quick buck. I want to know What are my rights ? Do I have the right to have the tooth made to my specifications? Do i have a right to see paperwork verifying the material of the tooth? How can i go about this without causing my self more pain ? I would really like to just have this whole business done with but i am so unhappy with the tooth. Honestly i would like stop setting this dentist and take my business elsewhere. Do i have the rights to a refund if i am dissatisfied ? Can u help me? Thank you.

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Dental Malpractice and Patient Rights in Detroit

Given your concerns about potential malpractice by your dentist and the quality of the dental crown provided, it's vital to understand your rights as a patient and potential remedies available under Detroit laws.

Relevant Laws and Regulatory Bodies:

  • Michigan Dental Practice Act: Governs the practice of dentistry in Michigan.
  • Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA): The body overseeing the licensure and practice of dentists in the state. Homepage

Potential Solutions:

  1. Professional Consultation: Get a second opinion from another dentist to assess the quality and material of the crown.
  2. Material Verification: Request documentation from your dentist specifying the material used for the crown. If the dentist refuses or provides inconclusive evidence, it might support your claim.
  3. Complaint to Regulatory Body: If you suspect malpractice, you can lodge a formal complaint with LARA for an investigation.
  4. Legal Action: If the evidence supports your claim, consult with medical malpractice lawyers in Detroit to explore your options for a lawsuit.

Average Pricing for Dental Services in Detroit:

Service Average Price
Consultation with a Dentist $85.30
Dental Crown (Gold) $1,345.60
Dental Crown (Alloy) $910.75
Root Canal on Front Tooth $782.15
Material Verification & Dental Documentation $55.25

Note: Prices can vary based on the specific dentist, location within Detroit, and other unique factors. Always request a detailed cost breakdown from your dental service provider.

Clarification and Next Steps:

To move forward efficiently, it's imperative to gather more specifics about your treatment. Additionally, consider comparing lawyers in your area to better navigate the complexities of medical malpractice claims.

Essential Questions to Answer:

  • Was there a written agreement or contract specifying the type of material to be used for the dental crown?
  • Have you documented all communications and responses from the dental office?
  • Do you have any previous medical records that highlight the condition and material of your other gold tooth?

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Q: What constitutes dental malpractice? A: Dental malpractice typically refers to a dentist causing injury or harm to a patient due to negligence or omission during treatment.

  2. Q: Can I switch dentists mid-treatment? A: Yes, you have the right to choose or change your dentist at any point, but it's crucial to ensure a smooth transition to avoid further complications.

  3. Q: How do I know if I've been overcharged for dental services? A: Comparing prices of other local dentists and requesting a detailed cost breakdown from your dentist can provide clarity.

  4. Q: What if my dentist refuses to provide documentation? A: You can lodge a formal complaint with a regulatory body like LARA or seek legal counsel to ensure your rights are protected.

  5. Q: Do I have to pay for a service I'm not satisfied with? A: Depending on the agreement, you might have grounds to seek a refund, especially if there's evidence of malpractice or breach of contract.

  6. Q: How do I find a reliable dentist in Detroit? A: You can consult online reviews, ask for recommendations, or find the right lawyer who can guide you based on previous similar cases.

  7. Q: How long do I have to file a dental malpractice claim? A: The statute of limitations can vary, but typically, you have a limited time from the date of the injury or discovery of the injury to file a claim.

  8. Q: Can I claim emotional distress from dental malpractice? A: Yes, in some cases, emotional distress can be part of the damages claimed in a malpractice lawsuit.

  9. Q: Do all dental malpractice claims go to court? A: Not always. Many cases are settled outside of court through negotiations or mediation.

  10. Q: What evidence do I need to support a dental malpractice claim? A: Typically, evidence can include dental records, expert testimonies, proof of the dentist-patient relationship, and documentation showing the harm caused.


This content is for informational purposes only and does not establish an attorney-client relationship. It's always recommended to consult with a local attorney about your specific situation.

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