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Commissioner of Austin league openly discriminating against multiple players trying to join league and fabricating reasons for suspension over said issue, threatening life time suspension.

This is a very long story would be hard to convey the details in text. Essentially you have a commissioner who for the past 4 years has seen the 18+ division of his league deteriorating due to lack of players engagement, strict rules, and an overall abrasive and tyrannical atmosphere created by archaic outdated and discriminatory rules. he forces everyone to sign not 1 but 2 legally binding documents that basically make you his slave. All players that have been on teams in past are automatically excluded from ever participating in AMBL league activity with a new team and subject to intense scrutiny if they attempt to join. It is very weird and disheartening to say the least, I have stood up for a player and now have been subject to an unjust suspension that I have since served 3 games while gone for family wedding thankfully and come back only to hear he wants to enforce lifetime ban because I refused to sit out any longer and be subject to this tyrants orders. Give us all liberty or ban us all is how I now feel.  The only way to resolve this issue is to either get him to back off and retire or to get legal representation involved and get the pressure put on him to compromise and allow past players to play again if teams are willing to accept them and ask them to join their roster. He doesn't understand how hard it is to get people to show up to play on any old given day  he schedules for us w little flexibility to adjust and alter time slots at the get go he just schedules a month in advance and then doesn't expect to make changes or all around ignores requests. Not to mention rain making matters more complicated and causing games to bunch. All the while charging exorbitant fees and subjecting players and especially designated manager to scrutiny and punishment if they do not give him the appropriate information or violate his unjust discriminating mandates. This has been a very long time coming and will always be an ever present issue, why we have decided to form a recreational baseball non profit to play on our own accord with a diverse board of directors to make and direct decision making while being transparent and open with financial information. The goal is to be inclusive of all willing players to play w 2 separate divisions for respective talent levels while maintaining the core aspects of the game like 9 inning ball games when allowable and open rosters up to 25 to promote new players joining and fostering a communal and charitable environment that is not cost prohibitive otherwise restricting some people from having a fair shot at access to public parks. Another issue is his discriminating against certain players that want to join from a competing league where were talking about grown men in there 30s that may not even currently play over there anymore and just want to play again with a an actual brother or relative or hs\college friend. You can see the juxtaposition it puts the players in as all they really want to do is play baseball and not be subject to having to get approval all the time to play I'm order to have the permission to sign a contract it's very biased and discriminatory he targets certain teams especially and has a lifelong animosity towards them. Very odd and definitely a form of discriminatory abuse and harassment. This meaningless battle he chooses to fight that has since dwindled every division (18+,30+,40+,50,+,and a 60+ down to 4 teams each) a far cry from even 2 years ago every year it get worse and this year we lost at least 2 more and on the verge of collapsing the 18+ division entirely possibly or play w 2-3 teams next year.

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"Commissioner of Austin league openly discriminating against multiple players trying to join league and fabricating reasons for suspension over said issue, threatening life time suspension. "

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