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18 US CODE 241 VICTIM...aka...HUSTUSA!!!

Location: San Diego  |  Law type: landlord & tenant attorneys


During the last 3 months, I have been seeking the legal assistance of an attorney...I am amazed at the LACK OF RESPONSES!!! I'm 67 years old, and the business world has turned into garbage!!! Those who don't even show the CURTOUSY of a reply and/or a response...don't want to be on my team!!!

Why??? Because ever since 2009, I've also been known as HUSTUSA!!!
PLEASE search engine that word and understand that I am a PATRIOT...and in todays' world...that unfortunately, makes me a TARGET too!!! I have many constitutional and legal issues, that have come up along my journey...SO...I could put some law firms' name on the roster, for quite some time!!! I also currently have 5 looping video cameras on my vehicle and I always wear a body-camera...and I have plenty to support my case here, with solid videos and audio!!!

PLEASE NOTE...because attention spans have shrunk to microscopic size...this letter, is to explain ONLY my latest IMPORTANT issue!!! It involves my 2 personal storage units!!! The managers' behavior is TRULY EVIL and she has committed BREACH OF CONTRACT, UNLAWFUL ENTRY, FRAUD, IMPERSONATION OF HER BOSS, DEFAMATION, SLANDER and now, a 30-day QUIT OF TENANCY, without her signature...(received on 10/13/21)!!! 

She initially evicted me, claiming I have a bad attitude...which I can easily prove is 100% incorrect, via other neighbors renting there and an INTERNET PRESENCE, since 2009!!! This stems from their...TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME...and my last 3 years there, have seen nothing but HATRED and BAD MANAGEMENT!!! I've even met their 2 young children and someone needs to SAVE THEM TOO!!! 

A previous manager, NOW FIRED...kept me out, from renting there for a name was at the top of a waiting list...and frustrated one day, I dropped by and this new girl was in the office...I explained I was on a list for 2 of their largest units and if she would look at her waiting list clipboard, she would know my name...she said Gilbert??? I said yes and she rented 1 unit to me...later, she was FIRED FOR DOING SO!!! 

The week the present manager evicted me, I had just quietly spent 7 days mopping up and mold abating, one of my units she allowed an incompitent roofer to open a giant section roof off, then leave the site for the weekend of July 18, when a 3.5 monsoon FLOODED mine AND 40+ OTHERS UNITS!!! The neglect from management continued, towards peoples losses and zero help to aid us...I watched as they actually looked happy about our pain!!!

I could go on...because this is about 5 or 6 cases in one...but please know, this is foremost in my mind ...AN 18 US CODE 241 CASE!!!
She has conspired with others against me and keeps everyone from talking to her boss(es)...and so did the previous, now FIRED male manager and the one before that was skimming money, got fired and took the new managers' wife away from him!!! So they are playing their games and involved me and I DON'T LIKE THAT!!! They cast their own sins on others...and feel they have the right to then punish their victims!!! 

I have done ZERO wrong...and was puzzled by the eviction...but having been attacked for the last 12 years...I could SEE IT COMING AND WHY!!! They changed the contract, that I and many others had, to shorten our hours to just 2 hours per day, on site!!! That's UNBELIEVABLE!!! So, she used the LIES of LOITERING and a BAD ATTITUDE as enough reason to disrupt my world!!! I waited almost a year to get in there...took weeks to get it all moved and reorganized...had a friend help me for FREE...because I can barely make it on $944 a month and moved in here to cut my sky-rocketing ExtraSpace costs, almost 40%!!! My payment history is stellar, having it always come directly from my account to the landlord!!! BTW...I LIVE ON THE STREET, SO I CAN AFFORD TO KEEP MY 50 YEAR COLLECTION OF TOOLS AND HOUSEHOLD ITEMS...THEY KNOW THAT AND PLOTTED TO CATCH ME DOING ANYTHING WRONG!!! I STOPPED GOING IN THERE, BECAUSE OF THE 2 HOUR RULE...BECAUSE IT TURNED THEM INTO POLICE AND THEY ABUSED THAT POWER...AS MOST DO!!!

This story is totally absurd...but, has been happening to millions!!! I truly believe, I was alerted to this by God...kept good track of everything...and now as badly as I hate the environment...I'm willing to step forward and help stop these abusers of power!!! This is similar to what occurred against's another MAJOR WRONG...NEEDING RIGHTED!!!


I will beg for at least a moment of your important time, for you to research who I am...THANK YOU!!! (I suggest search engine HUSTUSA, because the DHS, GoDaddy, FASCISTBOOK and YouTube, ALL hate me too.) I've been groomed by God for this occasion...YOU'LL SEE!!!

Gilbert Lynn Cope
Raised and 30 yrs. in Illinois...
moved to Vista, CA in 1985.

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"18 US CODE 241 VICTIM...aka...HUSTUSA!!!"

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