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If someone claims to know the best lawyer, it does not necessarily mean that this lawyer is also suitable for your legal case. When comparing law firms, you need to consider several factors. These include the field of law and the particular practice area of a chosen lawyer, prices for services (per-hour rates + special fees), additional and premium services, ratings and reviews by previous users, and, last but not least, the method of communication with a lawyer or consultant (personal meetings, communication via telephone, chat, e-mail, etc.). Find lawyer by state/city We are happy to assist you in finding and comparing lawyers in your area free of charge and without any subsequent charges! You will be charged a fee only in the event of hiring an attorney outside this server.


Nowadays, we tend to "discuss" almost all our decisions on the Internet, and legal services are no exception. If you are searching for a good lawyer in your area, you may ask your family or friends. However, if you want to be certain of choosing a real professional in a particular field of law, you will need to read reviews and up-to-date information from actual clients. Rated & reviewed attorneys. Rated & reviewed attorneys We assist you to find and compare law firms in your area by clients' reviews, prices (legal fees), and other parameters. You may search for lawyers by state, city, ratings (based on their previous achievements), as well as by practice area or a particular specialization.


We would like to keep our database of American law firms, attorneys and consultants precise, well organized, regularly updated and, at the same time, completely free of charge. To be able to do this, we need you – users of law firms – to help us to edit and update the existing legal profiles. Submit / manage attorney profile. Submit / manage attorney profile We also very much appreciate your assistance in the Legal Advice Center, where you may actively respond to questions posted by new and often desperate users who are urgently seeking legal assistance in the USA or abroad and do not know where to start and what to look for. Anyone may add a new legal profile completely free of charge, or update the already existing profiles (propose valid changes).


Do you have a question regarding a lawsuit and would you like to know the opinion of an expert in a given field? The free Legal Advice Center is available to you 24/7, every day of the week, both in the form of a free legal discussion (Advice Center) and in the form of a chat with a consultant of your choice. You can inquire from other experienced users and also reputable law firms, as well as from an attorney of your preference. A list of lawyers is to be found in our free database, simply by "filtering" him/her through the search form above. Ask legal question. Ask legal question Do not forget that our legal services (online Advice Center) are free of charge not only for physically handicapped citizens, socially insecure mothers on maternity leave, senior citizens and war veterans, but for everyone who respects our terms of use and good manners!

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